Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer...So Far

Did you miss me? Let me tell you...I MISS YOU! I miss blogging. I miss being able to write about whatever, whenever. I miss feeling "apart" of something. (Is that super dumb?) I miss feeling "up-to-date" with all of your lives. Oh, well. Life goes on. And really, it has.

So, I don't have my calendar here with me so I'm not really sure what we did these last few weeks. Really, my memory is that bad. Here's what I do know. I was called as the secretary in the primary in my ward. NUTS! We were in the Primary Children's Parade...but it was really windy, so it wasn't that much fun. The girls got a ticket to the carnival (which they used) and a free glacier at Taco Amigo (which Jason and I used - it was our reward for walking in the parade). Instead of going to the Strawberry Days Parade we went to the zoo. My family went with us, and it was really fun. Jason and I worked at the rodeo, that was entertaining...especially because...well, that's a secret. If you really want to know, ask me in person and I'll tell you. :)

Let's see, the Hunter family had pictures taken and they turned out so great. Maybe one day I'll get one on here for you to see. Um, I hurt my back...but I'm on the mend. Our yard is looking pretty good still, except the grass in the back is being eaten by something. We're in the process of working on that.

I guess that's about it. We are having a party on the 4th of July at the Hunter house. Our Uncle Steven is heading "off to war to fight the bad guys" - at least that's how we're explaining things to Jordyn. We're so proud of Steve! Thanks for serving our Country...we hope you know you're in our thoughts and prayers - ALWAYS!

Today I had the girls' pictures taken. They turned out SO great! ENJOY!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Few And Far Between

I know that lately my postings have been super sparatic. I've been busy trying to balance mommy life and wife life, primary life and coupon life, family life and me life. I wish I had more time to do more things. I wish my yard was finished, my house perfect, my bad habits gone, my body a little skinnier, and well...a bunch of other things. But really, if everything were perfect I'd be complaining that I was bored. Anyway, we're cutting back on some of the things that are holding us back, and one of them right now is the Internet. So, I'll post when I can. We hope you all have a happy and safe summer!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Yard Work

BeforePart Way

The Gate...
The River Nonie

As you can see, we've been busy. Now we have the back yard to finish...but that will be next year. We do have some new grass back there so at least the girls have a place to play. Jason built the fence. GO HIM!

THANKS to our wonderful family for all of their help!

Cove Fort

What is a "fort" at your house? At mine, it's tables and chairs covered with a tent, only it's called a "fort." On our way home from St. George on Sunday we stopped at Cove Fort to run around. We went on a tour and when we were done Jordyn looked up at my and asked where the "fort" was.

I think Jason always has his eyes closed in our family pictures.

Trip To St. George

This last weekend I had a coupon class scheduled in St. George. We decided to make a weekend of it and it was SUPER fun! Well, mostly. We left Friday morning around 10:30. The drive was okay, and the girls did pretty well. Until we got to Beaver. You see, I "HAD TO GO" so we stopped. I just ran in and Jason waited in the car with the girls. I'm not sure why he got them out, but after holding Tessa for awhile he discovered the MASSIVE BLOW OUT! It was super gross...and everywhere. It took us 45 minutes to get back on the road.
The rest of the weekend was full of blow out diapers and TWO trips to Walmart for new clothes. (Good job on packing "light." I'll never do that again.)
But, we had some fun...well, mostly. We played at this park for awhile....

Then we went to Red Robin for dinner. We sat down, order our drinks and then Jordyn did this weird shrug of the shoulders thing. I asked her if she was okay and she said no...Then she puked ALL OVER the table, seat, floor, herself, and Jason. We ordered. Gave our server and AWESOME tip and took our food back to the hotel.

Oh yeah...we went swimming too, before the trip to Red Robin.

One of us DID NOT like the water...

Like I said, it was fun, MOSTLY!