Tuesday, December 13, 2011

In Our Spare Time

Some of us think it's okay to let go of the bunk bed ladder when we're at the top. Yep. She broke it. Last May she broke her left arm falling off a four foot slide in the back yard. This time it was her right arm. Jordyn got her tonsils out on Wednesday, December 7th. She was so excited. I felt bad for letting her be thrilled about the experience. She was so brave. Not a single tear was shed at the hospital. She loved it all, until they brought her back to us.I wasn't aloud (per Jordyn) to take any pictures at the hospital after her surgery, but here she is at home that same day. She really was such a trooper.Apparently this is comfortable.

Jordyn has been enjoying her limitless TV privileges. For real. This kid can watch TV. It's been hard to see her hurting so much. Last Friday she asked if we could put her tonsils back in. Eating and drinking have been a struggle too. Her voice has changed. Unless I'm looking at her it takes me a minutes to realize who is talking to me.Tessa loves her Daddy.She sits like him too.And oh the coloring. Jordyn is very crafty. Don't be surprised if you get a letter in the mail from her. It's her new obsession.

I'm glad that these last few days are over. Now if I can just get Jason home from his business trip to Texas we'll all be doing much better. It's been a week almost since Jordyn's surgery and today was the first day that I thought she was finally starting to get back to normal. And Tessa, well, it's 9:30pm and I can hear her...doing something naughty I'm sure in the other room, when she should be in bed.

Breakfast With The Mr. And Mrs.

Last year Jason took the girls to see Santa by himself because I was sick. I was excited to go this year. Tessa was super excited, but Jordyn was not so thrilled.

Tessa jumped right up on Santa's lap. She told him that she wants a bike for Christmas.Heber and Houston came with us. Heber was too scared to even look.
Jason finally told Jordyn that Mrs. Claus is a close friend (her friend Ryann's grandma). She decided it was okay to give Mrs. Claus her list: snow boots, a sled, and a scooter. Houston did awesome!

And Heber let us get close enough for one picture. Silly kid!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Family Traditions

I love Christmas time, but I always have a hard time teaching my kids about the true meaning of Christmas. The other day Jordyn was watching Strawberry Shortcake on Netflix and one of the characters said, "Christmas isn't about presents, it's about love." Then I heard Jordyn yell, "And presents. DUH!" I love how excited the girls get about Santa and gifts and reindeer, but I want them to understand Christmas a little better.

This is the 3rd year that we have gone to Build-A-Bear to make bears for Toys-for-Tots. We love it! We can have fun making bears and choosing clothes and still teach our kids about giving to others. This year we talked about how blessed we are. We explained that Santa will be coming to our house, but sometimes he can't go to some houses. That's why we make bears for "the poor kids," as Jordyn says.Jordyn making a wish.Tessa giving a kiss.

Bath Time!

So fun! I hope we'll be able to do this every year. I hope as our girls get bigger and understand more we can continue to teach them about the true meaning of Christmas, about our Savior and the great gift He gave to each of us.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

One Day When I Was Sleeping . . .

. . . Jordyn found my camera.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Turkey Day 2011

This year we went to Sue Sue and Grandpa Day's for Thanksgiving. On Wednesday night when I told Jordyn that the next day was Thanksgiving she started jumping up and down, and was screaming, "Oh my gosh! I'm freaking out!"

The three kids actually played nicely for about an hour. That could be a record.Doesn't he look thrilled?!?And him too?!?

And this kids loves celery!The hardworking kitchen crew.

Dinner was awesome! So yummy! I'm in love with mashed potatoes and turkey and stuffing. I'm in love with Thanksgiving. It was fun being together, all of us. It was even more fun doing some Black Friday shopping at Wal-Mart, but that is a story for another time.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm Thankful * Day Twenty-Two

*My Parents*

I'm old. Sometimes I feel like I'm too old to still need my parents, but I do. I still need them to listen to me. They let me cry and tell me things will be okay. I still need them to give me advice. I learn from them about being a parent. Espcially my Mom, she teaches me to be a better mother. I still need them to keep me in line. My Dad is not afraid to let me know when I'm doing something that could be changed and my Mom is just the same. I'm thankful for all they do for us. I'm thankful for the time they spend with the girls. I'm thankful for countless meals and treats and cans of soda. I'm really thankful that they taught me the Gospel, showed me how to be like the Savior, and gave me the love I needed to grow up safe and protected.

I'm Thankful * Day Twenty-One


Call me crazy, but I am oh so thankful for delicious pebble ice. It tastes so good coated with just a little diet coke, and slightly melted. I love chewing it! Where would I be without ice?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I'm Thankful * Day Twenty

*Jordyn's Testimony*

Today at church we had the primary program. In our ward we usually only have about 6 kids give talks and this year Jordyn was asked to share her testimony. We practiced and practiced. She was a little nervous when her turn came, but she did awesome. I'm so proud of her, and so thankful for her strong spirit and testimony.

"I love to share my testimony. I know this church is true. I know that Jesus Christ died for us. I know that Jesus lived again. I know President Monson is our Prophet. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

She came up with that all on her own. How blessed we are to have such an amazing little girl!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I'm Thankful * Catch Up * Again

Seventeen * Sisters

I'm really thankful to have such super awesome wonderful amazing beautiful sisters. All 8 of them (that's right, I said EIGHT) are so different and fun and kind. Kara, Julie, Leslie and Jaymie are my sister sisters. We get a long, most of the time. :) We have fun when we get together. I can call any of them, whenever I need to, and they help...no matter what. Nonie, Camie, Janae, and Megan are my sister-in-law sisters. It's so great to be apart of their family. I'm lucky that they all live so close. They are so fun with the girls. They are my friends.

Eighteen * Medical Help

Day eighteen, Friday, I spent in Labor and Delivery at the hospital. The morning started off fine, but I was feeling a little sore. By 10 I was doubled over in pain. I thought I was in labor. I was freaking out. I called the doctor's office and she told me to go to the hospital. It ended up being a UTI, or so they thought. They sent me home after taking a Tylenol 3. After 3 hours I was still dying. Seriously. I have never felt that kind of pain. So, I went back. Turns out I have a kidney stone. I'm so thankful so medicine, doctors, and hospital. I'm so grateful that everything is okay with the baby, and that I'll be fine.

Nineteen * In-Laws

If you didn't know, we live 4 blocks from the Hunter house. I am so thankful for all the support and love they give us. Tonight Terry spent a few hours helping Jason install a new water heater. The other day Norah brought us a bunch of pizza ingredients. (Remember, Jason's makes great pizza.) They help us with the girls. They give us good advice. They feed us dinner. We are so blessed to have such an awesome family!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I'm Thankful * Day Sixteen

Busy Days

Some days I love staying home, eating chocolate, and watching Tinker Bell and Tangled with the girls. But some days I love to be busy. Today we went to a primary presidency meeting, the bank, the copy store, Roberts Craft, and Grandma Sue Sue's. Might not seem like much, but with two little girls it takes a lot of effort and planning just to go to the bank.

Anyway, after a busy day I'm always tired. The girls fall asleep so quick. I feel a little better about myself. Don't get me wrong. Some days I love hanging with the girls in our jammas, and at the end of the day I feel great about the time we've spent talking and laughing and playing. It's just that busy days remind me that I can get a lot done in a short amount of time, that I still know how to converse with adults, and that I can be a mom and have a little "mom fun" too. ((Roberts Craft = Mom Fun.))

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm Thankful * Day Fourteen & Day Fifteen

I've been thinking all day about what to write for today, and yesterday. Last night I finished a pile of ironing that had been growing for weeks. 24 shirts. Ugh! It was nice to get done, but then I was too tired to blog. Tonight I'm too emotional, or something. I think I had one of "those" days, where everything just felt wrong. But, still. I do have things to be thankful for.


I love to coupon. I love getting good deals. I love seeing how low I can get my grocery bill. But more than that, I'm so grateful I know how to use coupons because I can give. Tonight was the food drive for the youth in our ward. It felt so great to hand them two boxes, packed full. Jason and I love giving to others. ((Jason is probably one of the most generous people I know!)) This year, money is a little tighter because we've been doing the Dave Ramsey plan. (Another story, for another day.) Thanks to coupons we can still give, at least something.


I'm sitting in the TV room while I'm listening to Jason talk to Tessa. He asked her how she was. Then she gave him a kiss. Then she sang "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" (seriously SO CUTE). Then he told her it was time for bed. "But Daddy," she says, "we forgot to brush our teeth. I need knuckles. Now a high five." Now she's sitting on the couch with me. "Mama," she says, "my feet and hands are cold. Oh, your hand is warm. Will you share your ganket (blanket) with me? I need someone to sleep with me. I'll go get my ganket and sleep with you on the couch. Dora is my friend. Is it snowing outside? Dora is bigger than me. I'm getting tired. Mom, here's my belly button. Dora and Boots, it's winter outside. You need a winter coat." --Not sure what I did to deserve this kid. Not much today, I can promise that.

Tomorrow will be better. I will be a better mom.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I'm Thankful * Day Thirteen


Some days, when bed time rolls around, I just want to throw the girls in bed and shut the door. Some days, I'd like to skip the bedtime routine...jammas, brushing teeth, a story, a song, prayers, and Daddy's special zoom. Tonight was one of those nights. And Jason did the dirty work. When I went in to say prayers with them they were already in bed. Jordyn started crying because she wanted to kneel. Not in her bed, but on the carpet. I'm so thankful for little girls who remind be how important the little things are, like kneeling. Also, Tessa singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star all by herself wasn't half bad either. Our sweet, cute girls. How thankful I am for their innocence.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I'm Thankful * Day Twelve

I'm thankful for fun family nights, little girls who love their Daddy, and Duplo.

I'm Thankful * Two Days

Day Ten * Freedoms

I'm so grateful for the country that we live in. I was trying to teach Jordyn about Veteran's Day. She was listening and it was awesome. I told her how lucky we are that we get to choose which church we go to, the clothes we wear, our jobs, where we live, what things we study in school, and a bunch of other things. I feel so blessed to be free to choose.

Day Eleven * 5 years, 5 months, 5 days

On Friday 11-11-11, Jason and I had been married 5 years, 5 months, and 5 days. You all know I'm thankful for Jason, and for his pizza. I'm also really grateful for our marriage. Especially that we were married in the temple, that we are sealed to our children, that we can be an eternal family. Marriage is hard, but I've learned so much. About compromise and trust and love and friendship.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'm Thankful * Day Nine

Jason's Pizza

Jason is the baker at our house. Really. He's good at it. Tonight he made the best pizza ever. He even put string cheese in the crust to make stuffed crust. It was delicious. So, yes. I'm thankful for pizza. But more than that, I'm thankful that Jason makes dinner around here more often that he probably wants to. He's a great honey!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I'm Thankful * Weekend Catchup

*Day Five - Bedtime*

I love bedtime. Mine for sure, but totally the girls'. Especially when they are so good about it. We brush teeth, we read stories, and we say prayers. The girls give Jason and I kisses and then he zooms them into bed. It's the bedtime routine I love. ((Much better than those "other nights" when it's a big fight.)) I think what I love most of all is hearing the girls talk to each other when we leave the room. Sometimes they tell stories. They talk about Dora or playing house. They sing songs, and say extra prayers. It's super cute!

*Day Six - Primary*

I am the secretary in the primary in our ward. I love it, most of the time. The kids are super fun and always surprising me with comments that remind me how close they are to the spirit. I love how eager they each are to answer questions or hold up posters. I'm grateful for their examples of kindness and love. They love their teachers. They love to learn. I'm grateful for the music and the spirit it brings.

*Day Seven - Family Home Evening*

I'm so thankful for Family Home Evening. I love how simple it can be. The girls listen, and learn. And Jason and I learn from them. We're not that good at it, but we're trying. One week at a time we're inviting the Spirit into our home to help us learn a little bit more about our Heavenly Father and the plan He has for each of us.

*Day Eight - Friends*

I'm a pretty lucky girl to have such great friends in my life. They listen to me. They let me complain about stupid things. They are good examples to me. I'm lucky to be able to listen to them, even though most of the time I feel like I'm not as good at it as they are. I learn from them, about life, challenges, mistakes, lessons learned.

Friday, November 4, 2011

I'm Thankful * Day Four

Clean Sheets

I am a freak of the sheets. I love clean ones. I love new ones. I love soft ones. Jason tells me that I wash our sheets too much. One set we had has holes in it now because it got washed so many times. What can I say? I love getting in bed at night when the sheets are clean and the bed is just made. It's great.

I guess that means I'm thankful for the washing machine that helps me keep my sheets smelling so nice. When I was on my mission I washed everything by hand, except in the winter when it was too cold for things to dry on the line. Which also means I'm thankful for my dryer.

Oh the luxuries we have.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I'm Thankful * Day Three

Changing Leaves

I'm not big on change. It is hard for me. New furniture arrangements. New church callings. New food. New schedules....Or not new things. Like, diets or budgets or bad habits. But in the fall, the leaves change. Like it's easy or something. I love driving in the car, seeing the beautiful leaves. It gives me hope, that maybe, I can change. I can do hard things (and easy ones).

The best part about those changing leaves is that they all grow back in the spring. The trees and plants are bigger and stronger. They are ready for a new year.

So some times, maybe most of the time, change is good.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I'm Thankful * Day Two

My Children

Jordyn makes me laugh. Her imagination takes her places that leave her telling stories only a four year old could dream up. She loves people and is kind, like her Daddy. She loves to learn and is constantly teaching her sister what she learned at church and preschool. Her spirit is strong and she challenges me to be better.

Tessa loves to play. She cuddles and often asks me to hold her hand. She is constantly telling us that she is "cared" (scared) and that she needs us. She loves books and stories and songs. Tessa teaches me patience and love. She loves to play house. She talks to my belly. She is quick to forgive and easily shares.

My sweet baby boy. I love his strong kicks. Being pregnant reminds me daily of miracles and teaches me about my Heavenly Father's love. This baby growing inside me reminds me how simple and wonderful life is.

Halloween 2011

We started the holiday fun off with a party at my parent's house on the Saturday before Halloween. Julie did an awesome job with the food and prizes. Jordyn won best costume and as her crazy, pregnant mother I was in the corner bawling as she kept saying, "I'm so proud I winded." ((She was a Musketeer.))

Tessa was a cute cupcake. She was going to be a bee, but Jason bought this costume at Old Navy on clearance 5 days before Halloween and she fell in love with it.The pumpkin carving was fun. And gross. I scooped out a pumpkin all by myself, for the first time ever.

My Mom and Dad even dressed up!

I stole this picture from Julie's blog. I didn't have a picture of Houston from the party. What a cute little bat!

Jaxon was a cow. Look at those cheeks!And Heber was the best looking dog around.

I was a bun in the over and Jason was the bun maker.


This year the weather was awesome. No rain. No wind. It was a little cold, but really great. The girls had so much fun! We stopped at Grandpa Day and Grandma Sue Sue's.We walked to a few houses in our neighborhood.We went to Gammy and Papa T's.We had chili that Gammy made and then we went to the ward "Trunk or Treat." The girls got so much candy. I think, by the time they got in bed, it only took about 2 minutes for them to fall asleep. As the girls grow and learn new things it is so much to watch them.


A few weeks ago the girls said they wanted curly hair. I spent the next 3 hours braiding small braids all over. They sat sso still. Probably because we watched 6 episodes of Dora. Yuck! The next morning we took out the braids and they had the best looking hair in town.

Girls are so fun!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I'm Thankful * Day One

Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday.

I love the weather.

I love the calm before Christmas.

I love the yummy food.

This year I wanted to take time each day to write about something I'm thankful for. Hard, yes. I'm sure of it. But oh so completely worth it. President Gordon B. Hinkley said, "Be grateful. How thankful we ought to be. How comfortably we live. How very easy is life compared to what it once was. . . . We have it so easy, so pleasant, so delightful. . . . I hope you walk with gratitude in your hearts, really. Grateful people are courteous people. Grateful people are kindly people. Be grateful."

*Day One*

Jason. Where would I be without my best friend? In all honesty, marriage is hard. We have fights and disagreements. We are both stubborn. But, things always work out, and I'm so grateful for that, and for him. I'm thankful for his kind heart, for his willingness to serve, and for his dreamer-like attitude. I'm thankful for the sweet Daddy he is to our little girls. I love watching him with them. Story time. Bed time. Bath time. Toys. He is a good Dad. I'm thankful that he loves me, and I know it. He is my favorite person to be with.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

September - And A Little More

I've been meaning to post about all of this. Every night I sit down and think about blogging, but I'm too tired. Tonight is a good night. I'm tired, but it has been a great weekend.

We've been going to as many of Hayden and Jake's football games as we can. It has been super fun. Jordyn loves the cheerleaders and wants to be one when she grows up.
Tessa is a monkey at football games. She loves climbing up and down the bleachers and eating all the garbage she can find. It's disgusting. Jason is constantly asking her if she's been sucking on a pig.

Hayden was over one night with the family and decided to spend some time with the girls. They loved it!Jordyn started her 2nd year of preschool. She loves being the big kid this year. Miss Heidi told my mom that she is the class room helper, always making sure everyone is fair. She's just like me. I was the little mother everywhere I went.

I was so cool and let the girls play with play dough. Do you understand how hard that was for me?

Jason mowed the lawn one day and left his drink on the fence. When he was finished he grabbed his drink, drank the rest real quick, and ended up with a wasp in his mouth. This picture hardly does his swollen face justice. His lip was stung on the inside and he lip and face got so big!

I had a birthday, shout hurray. This year I turned 29. Yikes I'm getting old. It was a fun birthday. I loved that Jordyn kept asking me if it was my birthday and I loved that she and Tessa told me happy birthday about a million times. We had a fun dinner at my Mom and Dad's on the Sunday before. Then on the real day Jason took me to dinner and we had surprise cake and ice cream at the Hunter's. It was really fun!

The girls love playing in Grandpa Day's backyard! Tessa loves the fort and is always imagining some fun game.

Jordyn loves being a model and after every picture she always asks if her eyes were good. Silly girl!

Houston loves Jordyn. Hopefully. She is crazy about holding him.

One day when we went to my parents' house these three crazy kids were all dressed the same!

Tessa is getting so big. Some days I watch her play and just want to cry. Her hair is so blood and so long. She does not like to be called anything except Tessa. If you call her sweetie, or Tessie, or honey she will yell at you and say, "I'm Tessa Marie Hunter!"

General Conference was awesome! I'm not sure what made it so wonderful. Maybe I was listening more for answers that would help me be a better mother and wife. Maybe the girls were better. Maybe Heavenly Father knew I just needed to hear a lot of the talks. Jordyn was such a good example. On Saturday she watch almost all four hours. She would ask questions and she even got her Book of Mormon out to look at. I am in awe at the things she knows and the little testimony I see growing inside her.

And finally, Sunday Grandma Sue Sue made us all dinner and then we did the dishes while she sat in the swing with the Grand kids. Jordyn - 4, Tessa - 2, Heber - 2, Houston - 10 months, and Jaxon - 4 months. In February we'll had two more little boys (ours and my sister Leslie's). That will make 7 under the age of 5. SO FUN!