Monday, July 11, 2011

Longest Post Ever

I'll start off by saying that there's a surprise at the end of this post. Then I'll tell you, I am terrible at taking pictures. Sometimes I take a bunch at an event and sometimes I only take one or two. I need to do better. Time is passing so quickly and the girls are growing so fast. Sometimes it makes me so sad and other times I love seeing life through their beautiful little eyes.


It was so fun. The girls loved it. Jason and I taught them all about yelling for candy. We came home with an entire bag full. Jordyn loved the dances and marching bands. Tessa loved the little kids from dance companies and gymnastic teams. FATHER'S DAY

Yes. This is the only pictures I took. Grandpa Day and the girls. Thanks Dad for being such a great grandpa, for helping whenever we ask, and for being such a good example to me.

To Terry aka Papa T: You are so great with the girls. They love playing on the tramp with you. They love when you read them books. Jason and I are so grateful for you advice and love of family.

To our Daddy...We love you so much! You are the best at story time. We love when you cook for us, play games with us, and teach us things. Thank you for growing a garden, for working so hard, for teaching us new things.


We went to my Mom and Dad's for a BBQ. It was super fun! The girls especially love the cupcakes with blue frosting.After dinner we went up to the Hunter's for fireworks. The girls had fun sitting on a blanket. They loved the marshmallows Papa T made for them and the glow lights from Gammy.


Jordyn finished t-ball...finally. She had fun, but I think it was a little too much for me. I'm not a very good sport. But, she learned how to hit the ball a little better and she learned to run a little faster.Tessa had fun playing on the grass steeling drinks and playing with babies.STEVEN CAME HOME

Need I say more?? We are so happy to have Steven home and safe. We're so grateful for his service to our country.I can't even imagine what this hug felt like. Seriously.Cute family!The girls were super excited. Especially Jordyn. She prayed for Uncle Steven every night.Father and Sons

Hayden, Jake, Steven, Terry, and JasonThe entire family. What a happy day!

And last of all. A story or two. Jason made t-shirts for me and the girls. I'll post a picture of them soon. Jordyn's said "thing 1" and Tessa's said "thing 2". Each shirt had the real Cat in the Hat thing 1 and thing 2 guys. Mine was a red bean with blue hair that said "thing 3". We told the girls our little secret and headed up to the Hunters' to show them our shirts. We'd hoped the girls would keep quiet but we got out of the car and Tessa yelled, "My Mama's having a baby!" So much for that surprise.

A few days later we took the girls with us to an ultrasound appointment. You see, I've had two miscarriages, one before each of the girls. After my first I had an ultrasound and about 7 weeks with each pregnancy to make sure there was a heart beat. I was nervous taking the girls. I didn't want them to be there if something was wrong. Luckily, everything is great. Anyway, the ultrasound was pushing hard and said, "Sorry, I'm just trying to get a better picture of this cyst." Jordyn sighed, looked right at me and said, "Oh man. It's a sister." HA! What a kid. (If you couldn't guess...she wants a brother.)

So, there you have it. Baby #3 will be joining our family the beginning of February.