Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Emotional - Or Something

Jason worked late last night so this morning he slept in, so I did too. Which really isn't abnormal. I like sleeping in and the girls are really good to let me most days. But today, I was in a bad mood when I got up. After Jason left I got to work cleaning. Sometimes cleaning helps me get my grove back. I picked up the house, worked on laundry, did the dishes, vacuumed, swept and mopped...all the fun stuff. I gave the girls a bath, but my bad mood was getting worse and I just kept yelling at them for everything. Tessa splashed. Jordyn took Tessa's toy. Jordyn splashed. Tessa's toy got thrown out so Jordyn got out to get it. I was mad, and acting like a fool. Do you ever have those moments where you're yelling at your kids and the entire time you're thinking, "Stop it you crazy mother. You're acting like an idiot."???

I sent my sister a text to see if she wanted to do something. We decided on lunch, but because we're on the "Dave Ramsey Plan" we don't have money to go out to lunch so I got my birthday money out. Jordyn picked Los Hermanos because she wanted a free "special drink" and we have shirts. On the way to be seated I tripped on a rug. We sat down and ordered a drink for Jordyn and Tessa to share and a Diet Coke for me. (Diet Coke makes me feel better - most of the time.) When the Waiter came back to take our orders I wanted something off the lunch menu, but he said that you can't order from the lunch menu to get the free drink, so I had to cancel the drink. (I didn't have $12.00+ to get something off the dinner menu.) I felt so bad. Jordyn was crying and crying. Then the pregnant mother, who was in a terrible mood already, started crying and crying too. I just hate when I can't give the girls what they want. I hate when they cry about things, especially when I can tell it's a "real" cry. Not one of those "I want that and I'm going to throw a huge fit until you give it to me" cries. ((Around our house those kind of cries don't get you anything except for a trip to timeout.))

This baby is making me emotional - or something. I'm tired. I have very short patience. I get annoyed, at little toothpaste in the sink or sippy cups on the floor. I want to be a good mom. I want my girls to have fun, make fun memories, and be happy. I want them to learn about being kind to others and working hard, not complaining and sharing. But really, how can they....if the example they see in me doesn't do any of those things some days???

On a happy note - We find out Friday if this little baby is a boy or a girl. SUPER EXCITING! My vote? Girl. (Used to be boy, but I changed my mind last week.)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

What Our Daddy Doesn't Know

Today Julie and I took the kids up Diamond Fork Canyon to visit our Daddies. It was fun. The weather was perfect. The drive was even fun, except on the way home when we got lost. Jordyn wanted to sleepover. I did too. Too bad it gets so cold at night up there.On the way up we, the moms, talked about how much the kids have been missing the Dads. Jordyn cries every night that Jason isn't home to give her a "zoom" (a special way to lift her up to the top bunk). Tessa wakes up during the night crying asking for him. Heber wants his Daddy to come check on him when he gets home.

We got home around six and I just can't stop thinking about our conversation. I told Julie that sometimes it makes me sad that I spend all day with the girls, taking care of them and everything...but when Jason spends 15 minutes with them they are so happy. Daddies are so important. Especially our Daddy.

I hope our Daddy knows how much we love and appreciate him. He tells the best bedtime stories and sings the best songs. He plays Lego's and little people. He is the best jungle gym. Our Daddy loves us, he takes care of us.

But I really hope our Daddy knows that we need him. He teaches us how to be kind, how to love everyone, how to work hard, and how to have fun. He keeps us safe and makes us feel special and important. We love him, a lot.

Lake Powell Picture Overload - SERIOUSLY

In July we went with the Hunter Family to Lake Powell. This was our first week-long vacation as a family. I was super worried. I have this thing with dirt...I don't like it. But, the girls had so much fun and it was totally worth every dirty minute.
Jason and his brothers and sisters.

There was a slide someone made on Sand Hill. Tessa loved it.

Tessa also loved her Tattoo.

We went to Rainbow Bridge.


Seriously a fun time. The sun was hot, the water was cold. The girls still talk about the boat and the sand and the tent and the shells and the bugs. I love seeing how excited the girls get about life.