Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What's Going On

Dear Blog Reader,

Well, I feel like it's been awhile. It seems like there's always much more that I want to say than I do, and yet, never enough time to do it. I'm very grateful that you take the time to read all that I have to say even if it's not much at all. Thanks for being apart of my're the best!

I want to let you know what we've been up to. This summer has been so fun and so busy. I'm not sure that I'd like it to end, but I am very tired. Other than being tired, I'm doing pretty good. Of course, some days are better than others, but life is really good. I love my girls and how much they make me laugh. But, with all the fun times there are some things I wish I could change. I wish I could be a little more dedicated in dropping some pounds. I wish I had more control over my spending habits. I am terrible at saving money. I also wish I could get a handle on my mood swings. I guess that just comes with being a girl.

Jason is doing really good. School is about to start up again and I'm not sure either one of us is ready for that to happen. He'll be a busy boy. It looks like each week he'll have 7 hours of class, 7 hours at a tax lab, 40 hours of work, lots of homework, and a wife and two kids to spend time with. (Good luck to him!) He's been working in our yard and playing with his bow. He is fun to watch with the girls. He also had his 26th birthday. I bought him all the Harry Potter movies on DVD. We haven't even opened them yet. Jason is a great person. I'm thankful for all his hard work and love. He is definitely a keeper.

Jordyn is just her busy self. She is talking so much now. She loves to sing and she knows the actions to a lot of songs. My new favorite is "Book of Mormon Stories". She is super cute to watch and play with. She is doing really good with out a bottle, but still won't budge when it come to her binky. I love that she is really becoming a mama's girl. She will sit on my lap and cuddle's awesome. Her birthday is coming up on the 9th of August. Two already, how time flies! Jordyn is our little mommy. She loves to clean and cook. Jordyn is bright eyed and bubbly. She is my busy bee, always on the go, and yet still naps at least two hours a day. She is learning to be kind and her laugh feels the room. She teaches me to be strong, and happy, and try new things.

Tessa is my little bundle of joy. And by bundle, I mean chunky bundle. She is finally learning to sit up by herself. And just this past week she's learned how to clap. It's so cute! Tessa keeps me smiling. She loves being held and talked to. She loves watching Jordyn play and always laughs when Jordyn talks to her. She is tough, and pure, and charming...can girls be charming? She just draws people in with her little spirit and makes all the bad things in life go away.

And of course, I could never forget Trigger. He is getting big, but he's not as big now and he's going to be. He loves to play. He has learned that if he barks, just outside the window, we'll let him come in to sleep at night. (In his kennel!) He is fun to watch play with toys, buckets, cups, ropes, sticks...anything. He's a good dog!

We had a wonderful 24th of July with family. Jason, my Dad, and Jesse went golfing while me, Jordyn, Tessa, Julie, Heber, and Kara all went to the parade in Spanish Fork. We had a fun BBQ with my Mom's family at my Aunt Bonnie's house. Then that night we all went to the Rodeo. The 24th is one of my favorite holidays. I've always loved it, and have lots of memories of fun times with family on that day.

Speaking of family, let me tell you about all the family events we've had or are going to have. From May until Leslie's wedding in October there are 11 birthdays, 2 baby showers, 3 wedding showers, 4 weddings, 1 family reunion, 1 anniversary, 2 camping trips, and 1 Park City Trip. WOW! No wonder I need to manage my money a little better!

Well, by blog friend. Thanks again for reading. I hope you're having a good life too. Remember that there is a time and place for everything. A time to work hard, and a time to play. My girls are teaching me this. Thank Heaven for little girls!


Monday, July 20, 2009

The Ugly Truth About...

...Where Daddy Lives!

Don't worry Honey, we love you even if you live at work. Where does Jordyn learn these things? She really cracks me up!

Dirty Movie

Sorry it's sideways....

Baseball, Temples, and Mountains

We've had a very very busy weekend. It seems like all we do is go go go...BUT I really love it. I love spending time with family and watching my girls have fun.
Thursday night we went to Jake's baseball game. It was to see what place they would take in the state. It was a fun night. The weather was great! Jordyn loves to be "set free" and just play and play. Jake's team did great! They got third place! WAY TO GO JAKE!Jordyn and HaydenJake with his super cool medal.
On Friday afternoon Julie, Jason and I and the kiddos went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house. It was really pretty. Jordyn loved it! At the end we took a few pictures and Jason said it was him with his two wives....especially when the girl who took the picture asked Julie to move in closer. So funny!

Saturday night, after a family reunion, we headed up American Fork canyon for some hot dogs and marshmallows. Because it's been so hot here in good 'ol PG we decided some fresh mountain air would do us some good. Jordyn had a blast, the rest of us did too.
Jordyn had some dirt for dessert. I was having major anxiety from the mess. I'm not very good at letting Jordyn just play...but I need to remember that she can always take a bath.
Julie and Heber, Kara, Leslie and Tessa, and Josh
Enjoying the camp fire!

I think that we all had a really great time. It's hard for the weekends to end, but it just means more fun things ahead. Tuesday is Jason's birthday and we have fun plans for the 24th of July. Is anyone else sad that the summer is going by way to fast?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hot Dog Skins

Today we had Macaroni and Cheese with Hot Dogs for lunch. Not one of my favorites, but the kid has to eat right. Well, besides the mess she made all over herself, she was really funny to watch. She doesn't like the skin on her hot dogs. What a silly kid. So, she would suck on them a little and them spit the skin out. She really cracks me up.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Ballerina Babies

I bought the girls these SO VERY CUTE pajamas when I was at the mall waisting time yesterday. I guess I should learn that I shouldn't just walk around the mall for fun, but I knew Jordyn would love to play on the tree house and it was better than being home and cooler than outside. So, here they Beautiful Ballerina Babies!

Boots and Teeth

My Sister, Leslie, is getting married in October and as part of the table center pieces we're putting cowboy boots with flowers in them. My Aunt Mary Ann works at Reams in Spanish Fork so my Mom had her get some boots for us. Well, Jordyn is IN LOVE with this pair she has on. They fit so perfectly and she loves to stomp on the floor. I'm excited for the Spanish Fork Rodeo so she can wear them and show them off.
. I took Jordyn to the dentist for the very first time. Our pediatrician told us we needed to take her before her 24 months check-up.
In preparation, I've been talking about it for a week now. Every person we saw got to hear all about how we were going to the dentist and he was going to check our teeth. I wanted her to be excited and not scared.
When we got there she was so cute. She walked in and saw the big fish tank. She loved that "Monsters Inc." was playing on the TV and that they had cute chairs that were just her size. When they took us back for pictures (x-rays) she sat super still. After that she got to lay down on the pretty purple bed and watch "Nemo" on the ceiling.
I can't even tell you how surprised I was. Jordyn did so well. She even let them clean her teeth and they told me they don't usually do that until they are three years old. She did get a little scared when the doctor came in because he is a boy, and that is scary to little girls...but she did let him look at her teeth.
Jordyn didn't have any cavities! I was told that she needed to loose the binky and we needed to work better on brushing. All in all, it was pretty awesome. I'm very proud of my little girl.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Feels Like Forever

Recently we've been without the Internet. I've been going CRAZY! I haven't been able to update my blog like I've wanted to and I haven't been able to read all the blogs I love. What a bummer right?!? So here are all the things that have been going on that I've wanted to tell you all about.

Tessa's physical therapy is going okay. Well, not really. Today she got a "T.O.T. Collar" and I hate it. Although, it's not quite as bad as I thought it would be. She only really cries when you put it on and then she's fine. And she only has to wear it for about 1 hour a day for now and we will work up to four hours each day. Hopefully it will help because the poor kid is really tipping to one side.

At the end of June I took the girls to the Zoo with some of my friends and their girls. We went with Marcia and her two, Parkar and Paityn and Talia with her little girl Olive. It was lots of fun. I wish I had a picture from the Zoo, but I'm a dork and didn't take her is one of Jordyn and Paityn watching a movie.

On the Fourth of July we spent the day at my parent's house. Jason worked on my Mom's kitchen with my Dad and Jesse. That night we watched the city fireworks and did a few of our own fireworks. It was really fun! Here's a picture of my parents with the girls and a picture of the three cousins. SO CUTE!

We took Jordyn to see the new Disney movie "Up" and loved it. It is so cute and Jordyn did really great. She watched almost the entire movie in her own chair...of course the "kids pack" with popcorn, a drink, and a treat really helped.

The "Binky Man" came to our house the other day. We've really been wanting to get Jordyn off of her bottle and binky. So, we told her about the "Binky Man". You see, you put all your bottles and binkies in a special spot and while you're sleeping he picks them up and takes them to the new babies who need them. In return, he leaves you a cool surprise. Well, we tried to get Jordyn to leave both the binkies and the bottles, but she would only give up her bottles. I'm okay with that for now because at least it's something. Plus, she hasn't asked for a bottle yet and she loves her new fisher price camper thing that the "Binky Man" left her. I just don't want my little baby girl to grow up. Time goes by way to fast!

Well, I think that's all. We have an exciting few weeks coming up. It is so fun to see the girls learn new things and have fun with different experiences.
We hope that you are all having a super fun summer too!