Monday, July 20, 2009

Baseball, Temples, and Mountains

We've had a very very busy weekend. It seems like all we do is go go go...BUT I really love it. I love spending time with family and watching my girls have fun.
Thursday night we went to Jake's baseball game. It was to see what place they would take in the state. It was a fun night. The weather was great! Jordyn loves to be "set free" and just play and play. Jake's team did great! They got third place! WAY TO GO JAKE!Jordyn and HaydenJake with his super cool medal.
On Friday afternoon Julie, Jason and I and the kiddos went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house. It was really pretty. Jordyn loved it! At the end we took a few pictures and Jason said it was him with his two wives....especially when the girl who took the picture asked Julie to move in closer. So funny!

Saturday night, after a family reunion, we headed up American Fork canyon for some hot dogs and marshmallows. Because it's been so hot here in good 'ol PG we decided some fresh mountain air would do us some good. Jordyn had a blast, the rest of us did too.
Jordyn had some dirt for dessert. I was having major anxiety from the mess. I'm not very good at letting Jordyn just play...but I need to remember that she can always take a bath.
Julie and Heber, Kara, Leslie and Tessa, and Josh
Enjoying the camp fire!

I think that we all had a really great time. It's hard for the weekends to end, but it just means more fun things ahead. Tuesday is Jason's birthday and we have fun plans for the 24th of July. Is anyone else sad that the summer is going by way to fast?


Amy said...

What fun! Your girls are adorable (as always).

Seth and Karen said...

You must be so tired today! I can't believe you were right by us on Saturday. Next time you come to that Temple just swing by, we're right here!

Katy said...

Fun weekend! I'm glad your girls wore their tutus to the baseball game. :D

I love the dirty face smile on Jordyn. She looks happy.

Diana and Fam said...

Sorry! Looks like I spoke too soon about her not eating the dirt! lol Such cute little girls!