Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Today was a super great day...except for a few things. I'll get the complaints out of the way so I can get to the good stuff. Jordyn stepped on the pumpkin pie we bought at Costco. I ran into the trailer hitch that was on the jeep. Jason stepped on my foot. other thing...but I'll tell you about that later.
Here's my little vampire baby. She just woke up so she looks super tired and her hair is a mess...BUT isn't she cute. Norah gave this binkie to Jordyn last year. Click HERE for a blast from the past. We look the girls out tonight for some candy. We decided to walk because the weather was so great. Jordyn got a little scared at some of the house. She DOES NOT like monsters. Tessa was just along for the ride.
Jordyn loved knocking on doors. She was cute!
Remember...You Were Warned!
Jordyn pooped on my floor!
(I had a picture on here, but it really was I thought I'd spare you. You're welcome!)

Each year Jason's work has a party for Halloween. It's fun. They have trick-or-treating at the desks and we eat lunch too. Jordyn had lots of fun. She was super cute to watch with this other little girl her age. She was dressed as Minnie Mouse and Jordyn loved her. After the party we were going to go to Discovery Gateway....but it was way to expensive for us. So, instead we went to the the Aquarium, where the girls got in free. Jordyn loved this frog and Tessa loved watching all the fish. She would point at them and scream. It was funny!

It's so fun to watch the girls learn and grow. It's more fun watching Jason with them. He's such a good dad. Both the girls love him so much. Jordyn always asks if he will play with her and Tessa just squeals when she sees him.

I saw this sign once that said, "I FOUND MY PRINCE...HIS NAME IS DADDY." I really want to get that and put it in the girls' room.

New Hair

This is Tessa's first time with piggy-tails. Oh So CUTE!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Busy! Busy! Busy!

At least that's how I feel. Monday I had Heber. Tuesday I had Heber and then that night we had a super great activity at the church about temples. The kids got to make sugar cube temples and color pictures. There were SO many yummy treats! Wednesday I had a dentist appointment and an appointment for my TMJ. I had to go to the credit union, the bank, and then Wal-mart. I ironed 20 shirts and finished a bunch of laundry. Today I had Heber again. I finished organizing my coupons. Went visiting teaching. I went to Wal-Mart, Macey's, and Smith's. (I spent about $66.00 at Smith's...and saved about $102.00.) Tomorrow we get to go to Jason's Halloween work party. I have to go to Target, Albertson's, and Walgreens. I need to clean my house. Heber is coming in the morning. (Julie, I love Heber coming over...I am not complaining! Okay? Don't worry. I just like adding him to my list. It makes me feel cooler. :) He's a good boy.) The rest of the weekend should include getting ready to go to Disneyland. Oh, and Halloween. I kind of feel like I might explode. I have so much to do, and don't know where to start. BUT! Did I mention my big savings at Smith's?!?!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Boo At The Zoo!

Today we went to the zoo. We went to "Trick or Treat" with the girls. Jordyn dressed up at a cow girl and Tessa was a horse. Jordyn is in LOVE with her boots. She loves them so much that the other day we had to put them on over her feet pajamas. I thought that Tessa would fight more in her costume, but she did great. They were both so cute.Nonie and Jordyn checking out the new baby elephant.
"Princess Alice"
Isn't she so super cute!
The bears. This is the first time in six trips to the zoo that I've seen them moving.
Mommy, Jordyn, and two Zebras.
Blurry Baby Giraffe.
Daddy, Jordyn, and Tessa checking out an owl.
On the carousel. This was Tessa's first time. Does she look scared?
Jordyn was being a little scardy cat too. Usually she loves this ride.
On the slide. It takes her about three minutes to get to the top and then 3 seconds to get to the bottom. She loves it!
Feeding the ducks.
On the train. Cho! Cho!
At the end of our fun trip.
The weather was a little chilly. There were lots of people there. We got a huge bowl of candy. (YUM!) It was lots of fun!

Thanks Nonie! We're so glad you could come with us.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


...The Beginning.

I'm not sure how many of you know about my new found love for I thought I would explain it a little. Every Sunday I get 5 papers. I take out the coupons, cut them all out, and then put them in this binder.

There are several different sections in my binder. (Baby, Pets, Bread, Dairy, Desserts, Cleaners, Hygiene, etc.) I also have sections for the different stores I go to. Individual coupons for those stores go in their sections. I look at the adds each week to see if there is anything that pops out at me. I try not to buy anything unless I have a coupon for it...and the ultimate goal would be to have that item be on sale and use a coupon.

I also use websites. The one I love the most is It is wonderful. You go to the "Shopping Wizard" and select the store you want. You can make lists. It shows you the coupons you can use. It's wonderful!

My greatest deal this past weekend was this:

These razors were at Smiths grocery store. They were on sale for $2.99 each. I had a coupon for $3.00 off. That's right! I paid -$0.01 to take these razors home with me. LOVE IT!

Hopefully I'll be getting some more great deals like this. I love the thrill of figuring out how to spend less money on something. Especially when it means I'm buying in bulk, building my food storage, getting some things for charity, and trying things I wouldn't normally try.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fives...A Tag

5 Things I Don’t Leave The House Without

1. Diaper bag and ALL of its belongings.
2. Purse
3. Cell Phone
4. Children (Very important seeing that they are not old enough to stay home alone.)
5. Stroller. You never know when you might need it and nobody wants to carry a diaper bag, a purse, and two children.

5 Cartoons I Watched When I Was Younger

1. Smurfs
2. Ducktails
3. Jetsons
4. Chip N Dale
5. Alvin & the Chipmunks

5 Things That Terrify Me

1. Losing Jason or one of my girls
2. Having my house burn down. I know I tend to through a lot of stuff away, but I do have some things that REALLY mean a lot to me…and I would hate to lose them.
3. Sickness. I hate feeling helpless. I can’t imagine becoming ill with something as big as cancer. I also don’t know how I would handle watching my girls suffer though something. That would be so hard for me
4. (On the sillier side…) The Dark. If I’m home alone I jump from the hallway to my bed. You never know what is under there waiting to stick a hand out and get me.
5. Not being “good” enough….for myself, for Jason, for my kids, for the church. It’s hard.

5 Things I Hate/Dislike That Everyone Else Seems To Like

1. Cooking. I don’t need to explain. Everyone already knows.
2. Fruit. I don’t know why…it’s just not my favorite.
3. Skiing. Now, I know, I’ve never been. It’s just seems like something I wouldn’t like. I don’t like to be cold.
4. Hardwood Floors. Sorry. I need carpet.
5. Camping. Sleeping on the ground. Getting dirty. Not so fun. (But I will do it for Jason and the girls.)

5 Things I Want To Do Before I Die

1. Watch my girls (and our other future kids…this is not an announcement) grow up, marry in the temple, and have families of their own.
2. Travel. Travel. Travel. Everywhere possible.
3. Help Jason build our dream house.
4. Serve a mission…maybe. I know that saying maybe sounds kind of flaky, but Jason and I have really never talked about this. I would love to do it. We’ll see.
5. Learn to cook. Does that seem like a silly dream? I would just love to walk into the kitchen…my dream kitchen…and make a great, yummy, tasty dinner for my family.

5 Friends/Family I Tag

1. Katy M.
2. Diana S.
3. Hilary L.
4. Liz B.
5. Ashlee O.

Heber Plays

It is amazing how fast babies grow. Because My kids have been sick I haven't had Heber at my house for a week. Today I really noticed how much he has changed. He loves toys. It's so cute! (Sorry Julie. Most pictures of Heber have PINK in them.)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tummy Time

What's For Breakfast?

I love Sunday mornings. Jason always makes breakfast for us. Yum! This morning I asked Jordyn if she wanted some green eggs. She looked right at me and said, "No, pink ones!" So this is what Jason came up with. I think he had a lot of fun!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The October Wedding

Well, the day we thought would never come...has passed. Leslie and Josh were married, in the Mount Timpanogos Temple, on Saturday, October 10th. It turned out to be such a great day! (Beware...SO many pictures!)

Here's Tessa waiting and waiting. Isn't she cute!Introducing....
Josh and Leslie Smith!

We had the luncheon at Josh and Leslie's church. It was catered by Magelby's and it was SO SO good. Especially the chocolate cake.
Jordyn loved the cake so much!

Some of us got to take a little nap before the reception later that night. (I was not one of those lucky people....but look how cute these two look!)
Here's a look at the decorations. Jason's Mom, Norah, did the flowers and they turned out so great! We had cowboy boots with flowers and pictures of Josh and Leslie on each table.

We had cupcakes and root beer floats to eat. Yum!
Kara made the cake.

The cute babies!

Seriously...Can they stay like this forever?

The Harding Family...Julie, Jesse, and Heber.

Just Us!

Josh, Leslie, and Grandpa Halladay.

Grandpa is our last one...We love him so much!

Jordyn is such a big helper.My favorite three people in the world!