Saturday, October 31, 2009

Each year Jason's work has a party for Halloween. It's fun. They have trick-or-treating at the desks and we eat lunch too. Jordyn had lots of fun. She was super cute to watch with this other little girl her age. She was dressed as Minnie Mouse and Jordyn loved her. After the party we were going to go to Discovery Gateway....but it was way to expensive for us. So, instead we went to the the Aquarium, where the girls got in free. Jordyn loved this frog and Tessa loved watching all the fish. She would point at them and scream. It was funny!

It's so fun to watch the girls learn and grow. It's more fun watching Jason with them. He's such a good dad. Both the girls love him so much. Jordyn always asks if he will play with her and Tessa just squeals when she sees him.

I saw this sign once that said, "I FOUND MY PRINCE...HIS NAME IS DADDY." I really want to get that and put it in the girls' room.

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Amy said...

So sweet. I know any girls we have will be daddy's girls too....and I love it.