Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Six Months

Tessa is now six months old. Can you believe it? I just can't! Time goes by way to quickly. Today we had her doctor's appointment. She weighed in at a whooping 18 pounds 10 ounces (91.95%) and is 28 inches tall (99.43%). She is such a good baby. She sleeps all night. She eats great. She has lots of patience with Jordyn. She is a happy baby. I'm so grateful she's mine!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Peace

Sometimes I really hate Mondays. It means that the weekend is over. It means that Jason has to go back to work. It means a really long day of catching up from the weekend. Plus, add that I still have a stupid cold and you have a crappy day.
Luckily for me, the girls have both been pretty good today. Jordyn wanted to watch the "fish movie" (aka "Finding Nemo") instead of taking a rest in her bed. So I decided to let her instead of fight with her because I don't feel good. Well, this was what the happened....

Aren't they just the sweetest!

Friday, June 19, 2009

A Few Words

Do you ever wonder when enough is enough? Jason has been gone this week to scout camp up in Yellowstone. I'm sure he's having a wonderful time in all of the rain. I miss him like crazy! I'm super tired, and sick, and the girls are sick. I just don't know why I just can't get myself to sit down, take a deep breath, and relax a little. Maybe I need some kind of relaxing drug. It will be the "Enough Already" pill. When I take it I won't be worried about the kids not getting a bath or staying in their pajamas, they're both sick after all. I won't worry about sweeping and mopping, laundry, dishes, dusting, or cleaning the bathroom...because it's not really that dirty and it will all be there tomorrow. I won't worry about the yard or taking the dog on a walk. I would just sit on the floor and play with my kids. I would watch "Pop" one more time, and happily I might add. I would eat soup. I would get the heating pad out and go to bed early. But, of course, a pill that does all of that would not be affordable. Dang!

Tomorrow Jason should be home. I'm very glad. Every morning Jordyn asks for Daddy and I have to keep telling her that Daddy slept in the mountains. She doesn't get it.

Jordyn is leaning how to say her prayers. This is how it goes.
Mommy: "Say Heavenly Father"
Jordyn: "Dadda"
Mommy: "Thank you for this..."
Jordyn: "Day"
Mommy: "Please bless...."
Jordyn: "Dadda, Mama, Me, Baby, Jesse, Julie, Heber, MiMi, LaLa"
Mommy: Please help us to..."
Jordyn: "sleep"
Mommy: "In the name of Jesus Christ..."
Jordyn: "AMEN"

She is just growing and changing so much. Sometimes I can hardly believe the things that come out of her little mouth.

Tessa is doing pretty good. We're still doing physical therapy. If she hasn't "significantly improved" at out next appointment in three weeks she has to have something called a "tot collar". I don't know what it is.

That's all. I'm going to bed now. Good night!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pictures Pictures and More Pictures

I know this is ridiculous, but we haven't had the Internet for a few days and I had a lot of catching up to do. ENJOY!
Check out Tessa's new hair!
I think that Jordyn got a hold of my camera. This one freaks me out a little.

Jaymie was trying to sleep. Jordyn was bugging her.
Tessa the TV tray. We took this "Purple Turtle" food to Julie at the hospital and because our hands were full with drinks we put the food in Tessa's car seat with her.
This horse was mine when I was little.
Baby Heber "7 Days Old".
Aunt Julie (lookin skinny) and Tessa
Jordyn learned how to put her shoes on herself. Wrong feet this time, but good try.

Grandma Norah, Jordyn and Tessa

Leslie and Aunt Jordyn eating at JCW's.
Who is bigger? Heber or Tessa?
"Nice to meet you!"
Tessa, Julie and Heber

I just realized in all of those pictues there is not a single one of me. Oh, well. Maybe next time.

Decision Made

So, I thought long and hard about the baby contest. I really didn't know what to do. In the end, I didn't want to spend $10 for each girl to register or stand in line for a super long time. Besides I have a feeling that if my girls didn't win I'd really get my feelings hurt. That's all.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Heber Luke Harding

Well, it's official. I am finally an Aunt. My sister, Julie, had her baby this morning. Heber was born at 1:20 am, weighing 7 pounds even and is 18 inches tall. He has this cute blond hair. My mom says from the nose down he looks like Jesse and from the nose up he looks like her brother, Clair. I say he looks like my Grandpa Fred.
Congrats Julie and Jesse! He is beautiful!

Jordyn with baby Heber. Sometimes she calls him Bob!

Jordyn, Grandma and Heber

And one for fun. Jordyn, Grandma and Tessa.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


It all began in November of 2005. What a lucky girl I am! Jason came into the blockbuster where I was working to get a movie. We talked. He asked all the usually questions. "Are you dating anyone? Do you have a boyfriend? What are you up to?" I thought for sure he would ask me out, but because he didn't I wrote my phone number on his receipt. We had our first date on December 2nd. We went to Rumbi and then Miniature Golfing. We were engaged on February 14th and then married on June 6th.

It's been a great three years. I'm grateful for all the fun times and the hard times. Jason has been my support and strength. He's lifted me up when I couldn't stand. He teaches me new things. He makes me laugh. He keeps me going when all I want to do is stay in bed. He makes me mad sometimes and from those (few and far between) moments he teaches me patience. :) He's a great dad. He shows me everyday how to be a better person.

I love you Jas!
The Parents!
Mine: Neil and Susan and Jason's: Norah and Terry

My flower girls!
Tayla and Madalyn
My Sisters!
Kara, Jaymie, Leslie and JulieJason's Sisters!
Janae, Nonie and Camie

The Center Pieces!

My Cake!
My sister, Kara, made it for us.
The topper was on my Grandma Johnson's wedding cake.
Saying goodbye!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Honesty Please

To enter, or not to enter? That is the question....

Here in good 'ol PG Strawberry days is just around the corner. AND there is a baby contest. Now, I'm pretty partial....I think my kids are dang cute!

Do I enter?
Have any of you entered one before?
Is it terrible?
Not worth it?

I'm just trying to decide what to do. Will I get my feelings hurt? I just don't know. So, any thoughts on the matter would be great.