Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pictures Again

Well, because it was Jordyn's birthday, I took the girls (again) to get their pictures taken. I just love it! It's probably one of my favorite things to spend money one. Really.
This time we scheduled our appointment at 9:00 in the morning, hoping the kids would be happy. Heber even came too. It was his first time getting his pictures done. Sadly, Tessa is teething, so her pictures are cute...but could be cuter. (Don't tell her I said that.) I know I'm showing you a ton....but they give you a cool CD with all the pictures on it, and some of these are too funny and I just had to share.

Tessa Marie
Are we done yet? (Perfect face for jammies!)

Jordyn Parley

Poor Heber, he just didn't want to be held anymore.

Heber Luke
Ahhhh! Kills me every time!

Cute Cousins!

Monday, August 17, 2009

The August Wedding

Saturday Jason's brother, Steven, got married in the Salt Lake Temple. It was a really beautiful day after all the rain cleared up. Not hot at all. Some of my pictures are a little blurry, but you get the idea.
Jordyn and Paige, Jason's cousin, waiting for them to come out of the temple.
Steven and Megan Hunter!
The Bridesmaids....
Nonie, Tessa, Janae, Jamie, Jordyn, MEGAN, Brooke, Allison, Diedre, Camie, and JessicaJordyn at the Reception with her flowers. So cute!

Eating cake. I think she had three pieces of fondant.

Papa T and Tessa. SO CUTE!

Dancing with Papa T and Nonie.

Dancing with Mommy.

And Daddy.

The Bride and Groom!



Here are some pictures of Heber. He is getting so super big. I get to tend him on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays every week. He's a good baby and he keeps me extra busy around here. It's funny how I can't do things with three kids that I could do with two. Mmmm. This pillow is so good. Where did my binky go?

Tessa loves to play with Heber on the floor, but she gets super jealous when I'm holding him. Poor girl. Hopefully she'll get used to it.

Another Birthday Party

Last Tuesday we had another party for Jordyn's birthday. I know....she's spoiled! All of Jason's family game down. We played Cinderella Bingo and then Disney charades. It was lots of fun. Then we had cupcakes and root beer floats. Yum!
Opening PresentsShowing off her new clothesJordyn and Gammy Norah
Jordyn and Papa T We had lots of fun with everybody here. THANKS GUYS FOR COMING TO OUR PARTY! We hope you know how much we love you.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fish Lake and Birthday

Okay, so, Tuesday I started baby sitting Heber while my sister, Julie, goes back to work. He's been really great, but now that I have "three" kids in the day I'm super busy. I've been working on this post for a few days now. I know it's lots of pictures, but really, they're the best!

So, Monday afternoon we got back from our Halladay Family Vacation. It was really fun. We spent three nights at Fish Lake in a cabin. (WAY better than a tent I might add!) Everybody was there. Mom and Dad, five daughters, two sons-in-law, one future son-in-law and three grandkids!

We had lots of fun fishing, going on walks, watching movies, playing games, and just hanging out. We made it with hardly any fights. We had lots of good food too! I love food.

Jordyn had her birthday on Sunday and she is now TWO! Oh, they grow way to fast. Pretty much the entire weekend ended up being her "happy day" and she was constantly telling people to sing to her. She also went fishing for the first time on Grandpa's boat. I think she had a great time...Grandpa even let her drive.

Grandma Sue Sue and Jordyn taking a walk.

Jordyn and her empty stroller.

Playing on the floor. Heber, Jordyn, and Tessa.

"Patty Cake. Patty Cake."

Happy Birthday Jordyn! Make a wish!

Okay, let me explain! One of the games we played was "Pin the princess in the window" The bum belongs to my brother-in-law Jesse and the blind man is my Dad. After we spun him around this is the direction we pointed him. Mean I know, but SO FUNNY!
Opening presents.

And playing with presents.
Showing off her new clothes. Elmo jammies. Super cute!
Leslie and Josh gave Jordyn this huge potato head with little ones on the inside.
Super cool! Jordyn loves to play with them.

Helping Dad put out the line.
Reeling it in.
Taking the hook out.
Then we let them go. He was too little.
Besides, Jordyn named him "Nemo" and I don't think she would appreciate if we ate him. Catching a fish with Grandpa.
And then giving him a kiss.

Jordyn and Grandpa on the boat.

Okay, so that's all. Fun right! We had a great time. Hopefully we'll always be able to get together as a family. I love my family and I appreciate all they do for Jason and I and especially all they do for the girls.