Monday, August 3, 2009

We Love FREE

This past weekend was so much fun for us. Thursday we went to the zoo. We bought a zoo pass this year, I think I've mentioned that before....Anyway, we wanted to take the girls as much as we could and so far we've gone every month at least once. Well, Thursday we took Jordyn's little friend Ryann again, and we also took Julie, Jesse, and Heber with us. With the pass we can get two people in for FREE each time we go. YUP! FREE! We love FREE!

Friday night we didn't have any plans. We went to the American Fork City park to play...which of course is FREE. Most parks are, but I'm on a roll with the FREE stuff here.

Saturday night we went up to Park City and stayed for FREE at the Westgate Resort. It was super nice. It was one of those "come and stay in our hotel for FREE and then go on our tour" deals. In real life tour = sales pitch, but we don't care. We also got a FREE 50 bucks for going. It was great! Jason and I really love the concept of a time share, but this just isn't the time in our lives to purchase one. For now...we'll just keep enjoying all the FREE stuff we can get.

Jordyn loved staying in a hotel. The bed was huge, the tub was huge, the pool was her anyway. Tessa loved the pool too. I thought she wouldn't, but she just sat in her floaty thing and relaxed. It was cute. Julie and Jesse stayed with us too. We did a little shoping, at some yummy food, and just relaxed.

Like I said, it was a really fun weekend!
These are some pictures of Jordyn enjoying the jeta tub in the room.


Anonymous said...

I do love free. - Jason

The Larson Family said...

Wow! I need a fun free weekend! Glad you enjoyed it!

mattyanddeidre said...

That is awesome!! I'm all about the FREE too! Sounds like it was fun!

Lindsey said...

Fun times and super cute pics!

Micah said...

We did that once in Park City {probably the same place} and I will never do that again!!! Pushy, pushy, I don't like that. Your girls are so cute and growing so fast! Enjoy the summer.