Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pictures Again

Well, because it was Jordyn's birthday, I took the girls (again) to get their pictures taken. I just love it! It's probably one of my favorite things to spend money one. Really.
This time we scheduled our appointment at 9:00 in the morning, hoping the kids would be happy. Heber even came too. It was his first time getting his pictures done. Sadly, Tessa is teething, so her pictures are cute...but could be cuter. (Don't tell her I said that.) I know I'm showing you a ton....but they give you a cool CD with all the pictures on it, and some of these are too funny and I just had to share.

Tessa Marie
Are we done yet? (Perfect face for jammies!)

Jordyn Parley

Poor Heber, he just didn't want to be held anymore.

Heber Luke
Ahhhh! Kills me every time!

Cute Cousins!


Joy said...

Cute photo shoot. You are brave to take all three at one time!

Jamee Fuller said...

The kids are darling. Your little Tessa just cracks me up. I want to kiss her chubby little cheeks!

Stefanie said...

Cute cute pictures!!!

Katy said...

I LOVE That first one with Tessa and the block and Jordyn's big yawn while they're in their jammies is just precious. What beautiful girls you have!

Abbie said...

So adorable!!! Where did you get those darling Jammies??

Jessica Havican said...

Very cute pics! I love that you can see some of their personality. That one of Tess with her tongue sticking out is just a hoot!. Love the outfits too!