Saturday, March 28, 2009

Batman and Lessons Learned

Well, we've had an interesting couple of days here at the Hunter house. On Wednesday I noticed that Jordyn wasn't being her normal, happy self. She would eat hardly anything, didn't want to play very much, and was really clingy. Thursday was a little bit worse. I thought she was just going through a stage.
On Friday I had Katy Marsh baby-sit for me while I went to the dentist. She said that Jordyn would only eat one bite of Macaroni and Cheese. Jordyn really likes Macaroni and Cheese and so it made me worried. I took Jordyn to the doctor that afternoon. (Sorry again Katy!)

The doctor said that Jordyn has "herpangina". You might of heard of's also know as "hand, foot, and mouth disease". POOR JORDYN! She is just miserable! Here's the link, in case you're interested.

Does anybody have any experience with this? I'm in need of some advice. Jordyn won't eat and we can only get her to drink a little at a time. She's basically been sleeping all day today. She still has tears, which the doctor says is good...for dehydration purposes.

It's interesting how some days I feel like I'm going crazy and then one of my girls gets sick and the world stops. My heart is breaking for her. I just don't know how to help her. It's hard to see my girls go through hard things. I was preparing my primary lesson this afternoon and couldn't help but think of my Heavenly Father. I know that we have the potential to be like Him and that this life is our preparation. How difficult it must have been for Him to watch His Son suffer. I'm grateful for a Father in Heaven and a Savior who both did all they needed to so that I could live again and be with my family forever.

Tomorrow I'm giving my primary class empty Easter eggs. They're only six, but I hope that I can teach them the significance of the empty tomb.
My sick Jordyn girl.

Jason bought Jordyn these cool Batman jammies...she loves them.

"If you're happy and you know it shout HURRAY!"

Cool-Aid tongue

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I love posting pictures, if you couldn't tell by now. It's fun to take them too. Especially listening to Jordyn say "cheese" and watching her pose for the camera. She loves flashing those baby blues.
Jordyn and Tessa...Check out that hair!
Both looking at the camera...Miracle!
My Tessa girl.

Naughty! Naughty! You always know when she's quiet that she's trying to get away with something she knows she shouldn't be doing. At least this time it wasn't a full box of tissues.Jason and I at the movies.

Today has been an okay day. I cleaned my house, went to Walgreen's and the post office, and took the dog for a walk. Jordyn spilled chocolate milk all over the floor. She jumped on Tessa twice...both times I was trying to protect her. I made dinner and did all the laundry. I'm trying to find the energy to iron, but maybe I'll do that tomorrow.

I can't wait for the weather to be nice again.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


What a super fun great day we had! I love Saturdays because I feel so productive and I usually get to spend a lot of time with Jason. Today we had Macey's donuts for breakfast. Jordyn and Jason played/worked in the yard for a few hours while I cleaned my house, took a shower, and got Tessa ready. Then we took Jason's sisters, Janae and Camie, to their volleyball practice in Draper. Their practice was two hours so while we were waiting for them we did a little shopping. Jason got new clothes for work and we both got new shoes. We got two wedding gifts too.

After we took the girls home we came back to our house to work a little more. Jason cut down lots of tree branches while Jordyn played with the dog and played on the swing. It was really fun. I even noticed that there are little purples flowers growing in the front of the house from the bulbs we planted last fall. YIPEE!

At 5:00 we had a hot dog roast at the Halladay house. It was for Jaymie's birthday and also for all the limbs that have been cut down from the fruit trees. It was lots of fun. We took Trigger with us and he played with Toby. Jordyn wouldn't eat a hot dog because it has skin on it, but she did have some applesauce and cake. I also noticed that she would take a Dorito out of the bag, take a few bites, and then put it back. A little while later she would go back for more. Funny girl!

Father and Son...Toby and Trigger

Tessa with Aunt Leslie

Jordyn sporting cool glasses and loving her swing

Aunt Julie, Tessa, Aunt Jaymie, Aunt Kara, and Jordyn

Great Uncle Brent, Grandpa Great, Jordyn, and Daddy cooking hot dogs

The day ended with a quick (one hour) trip to Wal-mart, a bath, and a walk back to Grandpa Halladay's to give them the popcorn they wanted from the store. Now tonight, Jordyn is fast asleep in her bed and will probably sleep until at least nine in the morning. Jason is helping his brother, Hayden, with math homework. What a nice big brother! And I, of course, am doing my favorite thing...Blogging. Tessa is with me, drinking a bottle.

I'm so glad that the day was so fun. After the last couple of weeks I've needed a fun day with Jason and the girls. So, I guess, next week when I'm complaining about life just remind me that I had a super great day and should just be happy.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Tired Dog

We went to my sister Julie's house tonight to play and we took Trigger with us so he could play with his mommy and sister. He played so hard that when we got home he walked in the door, went right to the rug, and stayed there. AND he didn't pee on the floor!
If she could talk she would say, "Mama, he licked my finger".

Showing Trigger her blankie.
Going in for the goodnight kiss. Much to my disgust, she likes puppy kisses. GROSS!
And yes, those are boy jammies, but she loves them because they have "fubal" on them.

Personal Side

So, I was reading Hilary's blog the other day about how her little boy had a helmet when he was little and how her little girl might need one too. She shared her feelings about the whole situation and I thought she was very brave. I consider myself a private person when it comes to somethings and it's hard for me to share sometimes because I worry about saying the wrong thing or what people will think about me. Tonight I decided to try and sideline those fears and just type.

I'm tired. Sometimes I have such a hard time staying home all day and being a mom. I hate feeling that way because if something ever happened to my girls I know I would be SO SO sad. Sometimes I feel like I'm loosing my patience and I have to take a step back so I don't do something stupid. How do I turn the days into something better than diapers and laundry? My attitude, I guess.

I'm very grateful for Jason's job. I know that we are very blessed in such a tuff economy. I hate that he is always gone. I know it's tax season...four more weeks to go. Jason is my rock and when he is gone my anxiety gets higher and higher. Is it possible that Jordyn likes him more than me? When he is not here she asks for him all day. I wonder if she asks for me when I'm gone?

Jason and I are primary teachers at church. I feel bad that I'm not excited each week to prepare a lesson and teach kids, who are so willing to learn, the gospel. I'd rather go to nursery with Jordyn or Relief Society and learn something for myself. I try to be excited. I'm just not. Sometimes I'd almost rather stay home with my family then go to church. Boy I need an attitude adjustment in the church department, huh?

I love spring. I love watching everything turn green. I love the smell of the air in the night, even if the only reason I'm breathing it is because I'm outside letting the dog use the grass. I love the new stroller we bought because I can go on walks with the girls. I love when Jason goes on some of those walks with us.

It's hard to take both of my kids to the grocery store.
I have to run and jump on my bed when I'm home alone because the monster under there will get me if I'm not careful.
I'm a germ freak.
I'm trying to find the motivation to go on a diet, but I like food too much.
I worry way to much about the future and not enough about the here and now.
I get depressed easily.
It's 11:55 pm and I'm waiting for Jason to come home, but probably will be asleep when he gets here.

I'm not sure what the point of all of this was. I guess it's nice to know that I'm human and I don't need to be perfect all the time. It's not about the cleanest house or kids. I just need to remember that sometimes.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

"Give me the camera!"

Watching TV

Cute Clover Bum

Monday, March 16, 2009

Blessing Day

Yesterday we had Tessa's Blessing. Everything turned out so nice. Jason did a great job. We are laughing now because he blessed her "to have patience with your parents, your big sister, and with other brothers and sisters that follow". We didn't know that we were going to have so many kids. Jason says he meant to add "in the gospel". FUNNY!

After church we went to my Mom and Dad's house for dinner. Jason family came too. We had Grandpa Halladay, my Mom and Dad, Julie and Jesse, Kara, Jaymie, and Leslie and then we had Jason's Mom and Dad, Steve and his girlfriend Megan, Nonie, Janae, Camie, Hayden, and Jake. It was great. My Mom made chicken and rice. I made a salad, and Norah brought a huge fruit tray and chocolate dipped strawberries. SO YUMMY!

The day was great. I can't believe how fast my girls are growing. Everyday they surprise me with new things that they are learning. The weather has been so great lately and Jordyn loves to be outside. It's so fun to see her explore and get dirty. (Well, the dirty part not so much!)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Today Grandma Sue Sue and Aunt Jaymie invited Jordyn and Mommy to go and get pedicures. I had a real one...Jordyn just got her toes painted. It was super cute...she held so still. Now she keeps walking around saying "pretty" at her feet.
And here is Tessa in a new outfit that Aunt Leslie gave to her. CUTE! Thanks Leslie!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This morning began... 5:45 with a noisy husband, crying dog, and hungry baby. Jason took the dog out. I changed and fed the baby. This is how the rest of the morning went.

Said goodbye to husband. Noticed dog was breathing weird. Called brother-in-law, waking him up, to talk about dog. Decided to let dog in kitchen because it was warmer. Let dog out of kennel. Dog peed on carpet. Put dog in kitchen. Sprayed carpet with Resolve. Made bed. Scrubbed carpet. Washed dishes. Slept on couch until Jordyn woke up at 8:00. Tried to sleep on couch more while Jordyn watched TV. Didn't work. Read books. Fed Jordyn breakfast. Gave Tessa bottle. Starting burping Tessa. Diaper leaked. Poop and Pee all over me. Took Tessa in her room and took off her clothes. Took off my shirt and garment top. Got pointed at. "Ewww Mama Yucky". Tried to adjust self esteem. Gave Tessa a bath. Cleaned up dog pee on kitchen floor. Gave Jordyn a bath. Cleaned up dog pee on kitchen floor. Decided to sweep and mop kitchen floor. Took dog outside to use the grass. Dog pooped. Came back in again. Dog peed on kitchen floor. CLEANED UP DOG PEE AGAIN! Put dog in inside kennel. Swept and mopped kitchen floor. Took a REALLY HOT shower. Put Jordyn down for nap. Ate lunch. Worked on blog......

Does anyone have any tips on training a dog to not pee on my kitchen floor?

Monday, March 9, 2009

Welcome Home

Trigger! (Like on a gun.)
We brought home our new dog on Saturday. He is sort of adjusting. He cries a lot, but he's lots of fun. Jordyn loves to play with him. She always shows him her toys and lets him chase her. He even played in her room with her...but don't worry, he didn't pee in there...just everywhere else.

This is a picture of him in my bedroom and YES that wet spot is pee. But I cleaned it up SO SO SO SO SO SO good. You can't even tell it was there.

This is his "outside" house. It is pretty big and we put down straw so that he will stay a little bit warmer. He pretty much hates it. He would just love to be inside my house getting it all dirty.

Here is Jordyn trying out the dog's new "inside" house. We got this so when it was really cold outside he could sleep inside. Well, Because he is was so noisy he has now slept outside in the cold two nights in a row. MEAN US!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

So Many Things!

Today was Jordyn's 18 month appointment with the doctor. She did SO SO good. She stood on the scale all by herself, and she sat very still while the doctor checked her over. He asked some really great questions..."Does she like her fruits and vegetables?" She loves bananas if she can hold them herself. If you don't watch her close she'll start eating the peal. "How is she sleeping?" Jordyn is a great sleeper. She sleeps from about 9:00 until 8:30. Mom loves that! But, she has started having a few bad dreams lately because she wakes up screaming. But, the best part about that, she usually crys for Dada. "Does she say many words?" Yep. Then I asked her is she wanted to practice words. She can say Dada, Mama, Tessa, Cookie, Bye, Hi, Go, No, Yay, One More, Please, Cheese, Baby, Baba, Binky (BiBi), Jesse, Grandpa, Grandma, Ice Cream (which is actually "Mmmm") and other things I can't remember right now. Plus she knows tons of animal sounds. She weighs 28 pounds (91%) and is 34 inches tall (98%). The shots went so well. She didn't even cry one little bit. Jordyn is such a great little girl! She surprises us everyday with the things she is learning, and we are so glad to have her in our family.

Today Jordyn learned a new trick. I always wondered if this would become a habit of hers. She was having a hard time because her "MiMi" (Jaymie) had to leave and this was the result of Jaymie paying a little attention to her. FUNNY and CUTE!Tuesday night I went to Santaquin to a baby shower with my Mom and sister Leslie. We took the girls to show them off a little. The shower was for my Mom's cousin's, Sterling, Granddaughter-In-Law. (Make sense?) Anyway, this picture is of Tessa with my Mom's Aunt. Her name is Phyllis Marie, my Mom is Susan Marie, I am Sara Marie, and Tessa is Tessa Marie. So, that is where she gets her name. Aunt Phyllis is Tessa's Great Great Aunt.
And this last picture is Tessa in an outfit that Jason picked out for Jordyn when I was pregnant with her. Of course, we had so many clothes for Jordyn she didn't wear it. PLUS, it's a size 6 months. Tessa is such a chubby baby. So fun! Anyway, I thought Jason might like seeing her in this. She looks so cute. (Plus, he doesn't see them in the day time, except for on weekends, during tax season...LESS THAN SIX WEEKS TO GO!)

Dear Jason

Can't wait until you get home tonight. I love you and thanks for working so hard for our family. Here are a couple of gifts for you...
Don't worry, I didn't forget the oranges in the bag!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Tessa Got Shots

Today was Tessa's two month appointment. Sad day for baby. Sad day for Mommy. Everything was great. She's healthy and perfect. She weighed 12 pounds 5 ounces (87%) and was 23.5 inches long (86%). Shots went fine. She has a little fever tonight, but I'm sure she'll be fine.
I can't believe that she is already two months old. Time is going by so quickly. She is such a good baby. She sleeps most nights from 11:00 to about 6:30. She's a good little eater and very patient with her big sister.
Speaking of Jordyn. I pulled out her charts to compare the two of them. I guess they better get used to that, right? So, at two months Jordyn weighed only 10 pounds 2 ounces and was 23.3 inches long. CRAZY! I new that Tessa weighed more, but I didn't know that she was going to be taller. CRAZY AGAIN!
So, that's all. Life is good. Jordyn has her 18 month appointment on Thursday so I'll let everyone know how that goes then.