Thursday, March 5, 2009

So Many Things!

Today was Jordyn's 18 month appointment with the doctor. She did SO SO good. She stood on the scale all by herself, and she sat very still while the doctor checked her over. He asked some really great questions..."Does she like her fruits and vegetables?" She loves bananas if she can hold them herself. If you don't watch her close she'll start eating the peal. "How is she sleeping?" Jordyn is a great sleeper. She sleeps from about 9:00 until 8:30. Mom loves that! But, she has started having a few bad dreams lately because she wakes up screaming. But, the best part about that, she usually crys for Dada. "Does she say many words?" Yep. Then I asked her is she wanted to practice words. She can say Dada, Mama, Tessa, Cookie, Bye, Hi, Go, No, Yay, One More, Please, Cheese, Baby, Baba, Binky (BiBi), Jesse, Grandpa, Grandma, Ice Cream (which is actually "Mmmm") and other things I can't remember right now. Plus she knows tons of animal sounds. She weighs 28 pounds (91%) and is 34 inches tall (98%). The shots went so well. She didn't even cry one little bit. Jordyn is such a great little girl! She surprises us everyday with the things she is learning, and we are so glad to have her in our family.

Today Jordyn learned a new trick. I always wondered if this would become a habit of hers. She was having a hard time because her "MiMi" (Jaymie) had to leave and this was the result of Jaymie paying a little attention to her. FUNNY and CUTE!Tuesday night I went to Santaquin to a baby shower with my Mom and sister Leslie. We took the girls to show them off a little. The shower was for my Mom's cousin's, Sterling, Granddaughter-In-Law. (Make sense?) Anyway, this picture is of Tessa with my Mom's Aunt. Her name is Phyllis Marie, my Mom is Susan Marie, I am Sara Marie, and Tessa is Tessa Marie. So, that is where she gets her name. Aunt Phyllis is Tessa's Great Great Aunt.
And this last picture is Tessa in an outfit that Jason picked out for Jordyn when I was pregnant with her. Of course, we had so many clothes for Jordyn she didn't wear it. PLUS, it's a size 6 months. Tessa is such a chubby baby. So fun! Anyway, I thought Jason might like seeing her in this. She looks so cute. (Plus, he doesn't see them in the day time, except for on weekends, during tax season...LESS THAN SIX WEEKS TO GO!)


Diana and Fam said...

No tears! What a big girl! Your girls are such cuties. I bet you just kiss those little cheeks all day long!

Jess said...

What a big girl she is, already no tears. I still have to fight back tears when I get shots!

Liz said...

What a good girl at the doctor! I have the hardest time with Anna when she goes to the doctor. I'm impressed with Jordyn!

Your 2 girls are so adorable. I love the pictures!

Jamee Fuller said...

Jordyn and Tessa are so adorable. I am glad that they are both doing so well!

Katy said...

I love the namesake photo for Tessa. The two bikies picture of Jordyn reminds me of Ryann. So cute! I'm impressed with her doctor visit too. Wow!