Monday, March 16, 2009

Blessing Day

Yesterday we had Tessa's Blessing. Everything turned out so nice. Jason did a great job. We are laughing now because he blessed her "to have patience with your parents, your big sister, and with other brothers and sisters that follow". We didn't know that we were going to have so many kids. Jason says he meant to add "in the gospel". FUNNY!

After church we went to my Mom and Dad's house for dinner. Jason family came too. We had Grandpa Halladay, my Mom and Dad, Julie and Jesse, Kara, Jaymie, and Leslie and then we had Jason's Mom and Dad, Steve and his girlfriend Megan, Nonie, Janae, Camie, Hayden, and Jake. It was great. My Mom made chicken and rice. I made a salad, and Norah brought a huge fruit tray and chocolate dipped strawberries. SO YUMMY!

The day was great. I can't believe how fast my girls are growing. Everyday they surprise me with new things that they are learning. The weather has been so great lately and Jordyn loves to be outside. It's so fun to see her explore and get dirty. (Well, the dirty part not so much!)


Katy said...

Cute family photo! What a great day.

Diana and Fam said...

How fun! I love blessings! And I love having them over with, it means no more stressing out about it! Cute blessing dress!