Saturday, March 21, 2009


What a super fun great day we had! I love Saturdays because I feel so productive and I usually get to spend a lot of time with Jason. Today we had Macey's donuts for breakfast. Jordyn and Jason played/worked in the yard for a few hours while I cleaned my house, took a shower, and got Tessa ready. Then we took Jason's sisters, Janae and Camie, to their volleyball practice in Draper. Their practice was two hours so while we were waiting for them we did a little shopping. Jason got new clothes for work and we both got new shoes. We got two wedding gifts too.

After we took the girls home we came back to our house to work a little more. Jason cut down lots of tree branches while Jordyn played with the dog and played on the swing. It was really fun. I even noticed that there are little purples flowers growing in the front of the house from the bulbs we planted last fall. YIPEE!

At 5:00 we had a hot dog roast at the Halladay house. It was for Jaymie's birthday and also for all the limbs that have been cut down from the fruit trees. It was lots of fun. We took Trigger with us and he played with Toby. Jordyn wouldn't eat a hot dog because it has skin on it, but she did have some applesauce and cake. I also noticed that she would take a Dorito out of the bag, take a few bites, and then put it back. A little while later she would go back for more. Funny girl!

Father and Son...Toby and Trigger

Tessa with Aunt Leslie

Jordyn sporting cool glasses and loving her swing

Aunt Julie, Tessa, Aunt Jaymie, Aunt Kara, and Jordyn

Great Uncle Brent, Grandpa Great, Jordyn, and Daddy cooking hot dogs

The day ended with a quick (one hour) trip to Wal-mart, a bath, and a walk back to Grandpa Halladay's to give them the popcorn they wanted from the store. Now tonight, Jordyn is fast asleep in her bed and will probably sleep until at least nine in the morning. Jason is helping his brother, Hayden, with math homework. What a nice big brother! And I, of course, am doing my favorite thing...Blogging. Tessa is with me, drinking a bottle.

I'm so glad that the day was so fun. After the last couple of weeks I've needed a fun day with Jason and the girls. So, I guess, next week when I'm complaining about life just remind me that I had a super great day and should just be happy.


The Nog Naugles said...

I too hate hotdogs with skin on them! sicko!

Jamee Fuller said...

Sounds like a perfect day. Your girls are so darling. I love Jordyn in the sunglasses!