Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Birthday Vacation

Tessa's birthday is today. She's two. I can hardly believe how fast time goes sometimes. She's getting to be such a big girl...even though we are still very attached to binkies, blankies, and bottles. She can say so many words now, she's becoming quite the little chatter-box. She LOVES playing with Little People or babies. She LOVES books. She loves Jordyn, and when Jordyn goes to dance or pre-school Tessa cries until she come home. Tessa is our little cuddle bug. She loves fruit snacks and grapes. Happy Birthday sweet Miss Tessa!

So, we took a few days off with the Hunter family and headed up past Heber to a cabin. It was lots of fun. We played games, played in the snow, ate lots of yummy food, stayed up way to late, and played a hilarious game of Cranium. Monday night we had pie for Tessa's birthday and she was spoiled by everyone. (Thanks Hunter family for being so awesome!)
Tonight we spent the evening with the Halladays at Grandma's house. We ordered pizza and had pink cupcakes...even though Tessa's favorite color is blue. She was once again spoiled to pieces. (Thanks everyone!)

Christmas Morning

Santa made it to our house this year. We're so lucky! (But really I mean blessed to be able to have such a wonderful Christmas.) Tessa woke us all up around seven. The girls were so excited!
Turn sideways for this one. Here is Tessa's stocking and Baby. So cute!

The only thing Jordyn wanted for Christmas was a high chair for her baby. She was so super excited when she saw it. And that Santa, he's one smart guy because he did all the setting up for us. What a way to go!
I'm not sure if Jordyn was more excited about her high chair or my shark steam mop. She was jumping up and down and screaming, "How did he know? How did Santa know?"
We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

The Puzzle

My Dad always buys a puzzle to put together on Christmas day. This year he went to the Hallmark store and picked this one....
Well, when we were done this is what we got....I'm not kidding. Really. My sister started putting it together, she kept saying it wasn't the same. Well, surprise! Can you believe it? It took over an hour of searching on the Internet to find the puzzle we were working on. This one is from 2007 and the one we bought is from 2010. Someone tell me how it happened, please.

Monday, December 20, 2010

First Dance Recital

Jordyn was in her very first dance recital on Saturday. The camera girl (me) got a little distracted at times, and you can hear me telling Heber to find Jordyn. Sorry it's a little blurry. ENJOY!

New Babies

I just love being an Aunt...
Houston Fred Harding
(Jesse and Julie's new baby)
Born: Monday, December 13th
6 pounds 3 ounces
18 inches long
Hallie Kathleen Hunter
(Steven and Megan's new baby)
Born: Monday, December 20th
8 pounds 2 ounces
Congratulations to everyone!