Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Didn't Forget

Last Saturday was our second weigh in at Weight Watchers. It didn't go that great, but was much better than I thought. I gained 0.4 pounds and Jason lost 1. I did TERRIBLE during the entire week, so only gaining a little was great to me. This week has been going much better...So, here's to a better week!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Worst Baby-Sitter EVER!

Or....Maybe the best.
I was cleaning up my kitchen and about to take out the garbage. My sister, Kara, had given the girls cupcakes yesterday and because they forgot about them last night I decided to just toss them. (Sorry Kara. I was just thinking about the mess....this serves me right I guess.) I had the garbage out of the can and sitting on the floor. The box with the cupcakes was sitting on top. I was about to take them out, but HAD HAD HAD to go to the bathroom.
Skip ahead, nobody needs to read about me in the bathroom. So Jordyn comes running in hysterical about something and Heber and ruined and huge sobs....I go running out of the bathroom to find this...

Happy Heber!
Seriously, who wouldn't be?
I changed his clothes, cleaned him off, and held him for a minute. He fell right to sleep. When I put him down on my bed he had the BIGGEST smile on his face.
Sorry Julie!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


There are some days that I never want to end....We started the morning as Princesses. Snow White and Cinderella had a great time playing together and getting ready for the ball. Snow White's "Muter" did not tell her she had to have pants, to bad Jordyn's "Muter" did.In the afternoon we took a little trip. Tessa drove. It was a little scary with her hands not on the wheel, but we made it. (Discovery Gateway)
Some of us made these ever so awesome hats. Doesn't she look super happy?
If you need happy....look at this little man.
We tried to tell Tessa that it would be more fun with her eyes open, but she wouldn't listen.
The of course, we needed to rest. Mommy drove on the way home.

Fun day right. Discovery Gateway had a free day today. It was fun, but honestly, I'm really glad it was free. Everyone 1 and over costs $8.50 and I really don't think that's worth it. Maybe if the girls were a little older, but we spent most of the time getting run over and having our toys taken away by the bigger kids.
Tonight, I was holding Tessa right before bed, like a good night hug. After a few minutes Jordyn sat up in her bed and said, "I need lovies too Mama." Ahhh. My heart just broke. I love my girls. They are my lovies. Where would I be without them?

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Results Are In

Saturday was our first weigh-in for our diets. I lost 6.2 pounds and Jason lost 10.8! AWESOME! Now, the weekend didn't go so great for us, but we're back at it today....Plus, I can't even tell you how much better I feel just because I've changed how I'm eating. It's great!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jordyn Sleeps

I think this little video explains my trip to the dentist with Jordyn better than I could. The bad news? They said she needs a root canal on one of her front teeth. Should we get a second opinion?

Have I Mentioned...?

So there you have it. She walks. Sorry I've been so slow about posting this. It's been CRAZY at our house these last few weeks. I feel like all my posts lately have been "up-dates". I'm going to try and do better. BUT, for today...here's another "what's been going on post" for you to read.

Tessa is walking. It's so great. The girls have so much fun running around and playing. She still won't really walk in public though. I think she thinks I'm going to leave her or something. We're done with the physical therepy part of Kids on the Move and now they want a speach therapist to work with her. I haven't had any body call me about that yet, so I'm not sure what's involved. Tiffany, our KOTM therapist, said that she is behind on the words she should be saying and that the long it takes her to learn the more difficult it will become. I have noticed that she throws MAJOR fits sometimes because she can't tell up what she wants, but I just thought it was normal.

Jordyn is going to the dentist today. She seems excited, but we'll see how she acts when we get there. She is very curious about the potty, but not that interest in panties. Her new thing, and sorry this is a little gross - but so funny, is that she now asks if she can see our poo because, "It's good to poo. It makes you feel better." WHO TAUGHT HER THAT?!?! She cracks me up. She is super excited that the weather is getting warmer. She is always asking if the flowers are growing yet and tells me that after winter is spring. She's so smart. Oh, and she loves Barney.

Jason is busy with school and work. He now has classes four days a week and that makes getting his hours in for tax season really hard. Almost done! He graduates in April. This morning he asked me if he should "walk" with his class. I made him walk when he got his BS degree at UVU and I don't think he liked that...so should I make him again? Suggestions please.....

As for me, I'm super busy with school. Couponing. The girls. Heber. Keeping up with my house. You know, all that stuff... Things are going okay. I'm tired a lot. Some days I think that I was crazy for taking on so much. But really, It's been good for me. I'm grateful for such awesome family members who help me so much with they girls. (Plus Norah cleaned my house today! Now that is going way beyond the call of duty!) I'm also really grateful for Jason. He keeps me going, reminds me that I can do things even when I feel like I can't.

In other news. Jason and I stated weight watchers. I'll let you know, or at least try to let you know, each week how we're doing. Saturday will be one week. I think I've lost a couple pounds. This will be good for us...I mean really, have you seen us lately! (I know, mean right, but the truth hurts.)

Monday, March 1, 2010


Hey Everybody! I'm starting new monthly challenges on my savings blog. This month the winner will get a $25.00 gift card to Walmart! Head on over HERE and check out the rules.