Thursday, March 11, 2010

Have I Mentioned...?

So there you have it. She walks. Sorry I've been so slow about posting this. It's been CRAZY at our house these last few weeks. I feel like all my posts lately have been "up-dates". I'm going to try and do better. BUT, for's another "what's been going on post" for you to read.

Tessa is walking. It's so great. The girls have so much fun running around and playing. She still won't really walk in public though. I think she thinks I'm going to leave her or something. We're done with the physical therepy part of Kids on the Move and now they want a speach therapist to work with her. I haven't had any body call me about that yet, so I'm not sure what's involved. Tiffany, our KOTM therapist, said that she is behind on the words she should be saying and that the long it takes her to learn the more difficult it will become. I have noticed that she throws MAJOR fits sometimes because she can't tell up what she wants, but I just thought it was normal.

Jordyn is going to the dentist today. She seems excited, but we'll see how she acts when we get there. She is very curious about the potty, but not that interest in panties. Her new thing, and sorry this is a little gross - but so funny, is that she now asks if she can see our poo because, "It's good to poo. It makes you feel better." WHO TAUGHT HER THAT?!?! She cracks me up. She is super excited that the weather is getting warmer. She is always asking if the flowers are growing yet and tells me that after winter is spring. She's so smart. Oh, and she loves Barney.

Jason is busy with school and work. He now has classes four days a week and that makes getting his hours in for tax season really hard. Almost done! He graduates in April. This morning he asked me if he should "walk" with his class. I made him walk when he got his BS degree at UVU and I don't think he liked should I make him again? Suggestions please.....

As for me, I'm super busy with school. Couponing. The girls. Heber. Keeping up with my house. You know, all that stuff... Things are going okay. I'm tired a lot. Some days I think that I was crazy for taking on so much. But really, It's been good for me. I'm grateful for such awesome family members who help me so much with they girls. (Plus Norah cleaned my house today! Now that is going way beyond the call of duty!) I'm also really grateful for Jason. He keeps me going, reminds me that I can do things even when I feel like I can't.

In other news. Jason and I stated weight watchers. I'll let you know, or at least try to let you know, each week how we're doing. Saturday will be one week. I think I've lost a couple pounds. This will be good for us...I mean really, have you seen us lately! (I know, mean right, but the truth hurts.)


Jessica Havican said...

How cute that Jordyn was so encouraging of Tessa in that video. What a good big sister! Good luck with weight watchers. I hope y'all find the success you are looking for. That would be a hard diet for me because you would almost have to plan ahead your meals so that you don't go over your points. Too much thinking for me, but some people are great at it. Hope it works out for you.

r said...

I'm jealous you got him to walk for his BS! Grant refused to walk for both his BA and MA, so I've put my foot down and he WILL walk for his PhD :)

Congrats on Tessa walking! It's so fun to see the kids get to be better friends now that they can interact better.

The Shelley Family said...

My vote is that if Jason WANTS to walk....great! if not...GREAT! but i would leave that totally up to him..esp since its just for show.
(and wayyy boring)
I am not a fan of wives "making" their husband do stuff...that kinda falls into the "mom" category for me. WIVES RULE!
Sooo cute to see Tessa walking! The girls are still sooo little, but growing and changing so much =) U are doing a great job Sara!