Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Jordyn dressed up for dance on Tuesday - I didn't take pictures.
Jordyn dressed up for Preschool on Thursday - I didn't take pictures
On Friday we went to Jason's work party and the girls dressed up. They looked SO cute! They had their hair done and they wore all the accessories. Jordyn had a cute princess crown in her hair and Tessa was Tinker Bell...with wings and everything. I didn't take pictures.
Today it rained. I think it has rained the last three Halloween's. My poor girls were tired of their costumes. These are the only picture I took...
Trick-O-Treat - Visiting Grandpa Great
Heber - So Cute!
Come on... Let's go this way!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Check out Mr. Heber Man dancing away. Try to ignore the crazy girl trying to take the attention away.


I've been trying harder to do the girls' hair. Most of the time it's just a simple pony on the top. Much easier. Takes less time. Oh, and less fighting! I tried to get them to sit for a minute so I could take their pictures. This is the best I could get. Their faces look a little weird, but they are cute.
And of course, it wouldn't be right to leave Heber out.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Other Day...

. . . It Rained.. . . And Tessa and Heber went with me to the store while Jordyn was at preschool. When we were in line Heber grabbed one of the chocolate ball things. Are they called "lindor" or something? Anyway, he ate it. Don't worry, I paid for it. He fell asleep as soon as I put him in the car.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Clothes

As a little girl, my mom took us to church. Usually my Dad had to work so she would get all 5 of us up and ready all my herself. She did our hair and made sure we had on cute dresses - usually some what matching. (P.S. I have no idea how she did it, because sometimes I can't get my 2 kids ready...with Jason's help.) Anyway, when we came home from church we always changed our clothes. "Sunday Clothes" were to be kept nice and not played in.

Sunday afternoons were spent at home or visiting family. We didn't play with our friends. Sometimes we played outside, sometimes we watched movies. Every Sunday we always fought over who would get to eat at Grandma and Grandpa Halladay's... My Mom always cooked a Sunday dinner and we ate together and then we all cleaned up together. I remember that who ever dried the dishes had to also sweep the floors and wipe of the counters - because washing the dishes was the worst job ever!

I have a lot of found memories of being with my family on Sundays. I don't think the clothes made the day any more special.

What do you think? Do you keep your kids in their "Sunday Clothes" all day? Do you stay in your "Sunday Clothes"? Sometimes I feel bad or not a good member of the church because the first thing I do when I get home on Sundays is put my jeans on. Maybe I feel bad because we should be keeping our "Sunday Clothes" on and maybe it's just because I'm not being/acting the way others want me to... (something I tend to struggle with - always being/acting how others want instead of just being myself). But really, I don't need a skirt to think about my Savior.

Anyway, just wondering...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Made It

One week. I did it. I was really worried, but I did it. Monday morning this was the scene at the breakfast table....Check Spelling I had asked "who has a nose" so I could get them to raise their hands for "who wants breakfast". This is what I made....

I learned from Jason. He made this...

I have no idea how he gets the bows to look so good.
Anyway, Monday is the only day that I have all five kids. Then they split up a little. The only major drama was when Jordyn dumped sand on Tessa, Heber, and Paityn's heads. I was so MAD! But hey, a quick bath and drama over.
So, anyway, so far so good on this baby sitting thing.