Sunday, May 31, 2009

Grandpa's Girls

Today we had a fun little get together at Don and Vickie's house (Jason's Aunt and Uncle). Jordyn had a great time because there was lots to do. She spent a lot of time with Jason's Dad and I took a few pictures. I love watching Jordyn play with her grandparents. She loves them so much.
Here's Jordyn on Great-Grandpa Hunter's swings.Here's a closer view. SO CUTE!Look at these cute dresses! I got them on the clearance at JCPennys.And here they are looking at the chickens.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Fun Morning

I just love taking pictures of the girls. They really crack me up sometimes. Plus, it will be great to hold some of these photos over their heads when they're older.
Today we've just been taking it easy. After all, it is Friday. Right now the girls are napping. Well, Tessa is. Jordyn is just being naughty in her bed. Anyway, her are a few pictures from today.
Check out those cool Tiger Slippers!
This is before the bath.After the bath....AND first time with braids.Just being cute.Tessa, before her bath, and looking scary.After her bath. Look at those cheeks!This picture was taken a different day. I just wanted everyone to see why we call her "Benjamin Button". I mean, seriously! Doesn't she look like a little old lady with all that crazy hair.

The other day one of my sisters was changing Jordyns poopy bum and told her she had poo stuck in her cheeks. She put her hands on her face with a look of pure terror. (Really Funny!) She just couldn't figure out what we were talking about...she knew there wasn't any poo in her cheeks.

Remember how I was deciding about buying new jeans. Yeah well, I went to seven stores, tried on 15 or so pairs, found nothing, and got home feeling more fat and more depressed than ever before. I have one pair of Capris that fit okay so I'm just going to stick with those for a few weeks. I hate shopping for clothes.

Yesterday we finally got Mario Cart for our Wi! I just love it. So, if anyone wants to come over and play with us we'd be happy to have you.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pretty Dresses

Here are the pictures from last weekend's dress shopping event. Jordyn had so much fun with all the pretty dresses. She tried on three different ones. She thought she was so cool!
Here she is showing off.She didn't like the clips on the back of the dress.

Camie, Jordyn, Janae, Nonie and Tessa. "Pretty Girls!"

This is one of my favorites.

All the girls again. Peek-a-Boo!

The place where we had to go was up at the Gateway in Salt Lake. Jason works up there so after we were finished Norah and the girls babysat for us while we went on a date. It was really fun!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In Need Of Help

So, Steve and Megan are getting married on the 15th of August and Josh and Leslie are getting married on the 10th of October. It's officially time to start a diet. So, we ordered "Turbo Jam" and should be getting that this week. We switched to whole grain wheat bread. We've loaded the fridge with low fat yogurt, carrots, apples, and other nutritious things. (Now if we could get rid of the soda and the treat cupboard we'd really be looking good.)

ANYWAY, my problem is not about the diet. You see, I only have one pair of jeans. I've had them almost two years. I got them after I had Jordyn. They've been great, until now. They are all worn out and today I washed them after two weeks of not washing them (yuck!) and they now have holes in the bum. What do I do? Do I just live in the two pair of sweats I have for the next few weeks until I lose a little weight? Do I go buy new ones that hopefully won't fit in a few weeks? Do I try and get my mom to patch them? (I absolutely do not sew!!)

I don't think I could just go buy cheap jeans at Wal-Mart. I have to have jeans that fit right, and I don't mind paying a little more for jeans that will last a long time. Oh, and our anniversary is coming up next weekend and we're going on a mini vacation for a couple of nights. I'm pretty sure I can't wear my sweats the whole time...but hey, maybe I'll lose enough weight by next weekend that I wouldn't mind buying jeans. But really, I won't be able to loose as much as I'd like by next weekend.

AHHHHH! What should I do?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Baby Food

I've never liked baby food. It smells weird. It is always getting EVERYWHERE. It makes babies have gross poop. It costs lots of money. I could go on....But, Tessa is almost 5 months now and I thought it was time we give baby food a try. The first time we fed Jordyn baby food she DID NOT like it. I thought Tessa would be the same but I was wrong. She loved it. (I didn't record the first part where she was crying between bites because I wasn't fast enough.) Today we had rice and sweet potatoes.

In other updates: A while back I talked about Tessa having Torticollis. We've been to physical therapy twice now and have many more appointments in our future. For those who don't know what Torticollis is click HERE and you can read all about it. She's also starting to get a flat spot on her head. This is pretty stressful for me. I'm feeling very overwhelmed.

Last night we left the girls with a baby-sitter (other than family) for the very first time. I think it went pretty well. The girls were fine. The baby-sitter said she would want to come back. Plus, Jason and I had a good time on our mini date. Hurray for baby-sitters!

I think that's all. Today we're going with Grandma Norah to measure all the girls for dresses, for the wedding. That should be fun. I'm excited to see Jordyn in a cute little dress. I'll take pictures!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Josh and Leslie

Remember when I told you that my sister Leslie was getting married. (Don't worry, she still is.) Well, I wanted to post a picture of them. So, here you go.

So cute! Love them!

The Baby Shower

These are just some pictures from the Baby Shower we had at my house for my sister, Julie. There aren't any pictures of her because it was forbidden. I know what's it like to feel big and pregnant so I thought I would respect her wishes. We had a great time. A lot of people came and Julie got a lot of really nice things.

Here's Jordyn being her cute self! Jordyn with Leslie.

The decorations. Julie wanted flowers in baby bottles, and she got it.
Grandma Sue Sue with Miss Tessa.

These were our favors. Taffy on sticks. Cute, right? I saw this on Studio 5.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Stupid Step

So, we did a remodle job at our house these last few weeks. We took out a wall and added a sub-floor, painted, added new tile and carpet, and got a new dishwasher. (Pictures coming soon.) Well, because we made the floor higher the back door has a huge drop off. Today I was taking a dirty diaper out to the garbage and I forgot about the giant cliff. So, yep, you guessed it! I fell and twisted both my ankles. Poor Jordyn watched the whole thing and was just crying and crying. "No. Mama. No. Up. Please. Up. Mama." Really, I felt worse about her being upset than the fact that I couldn't get my fat butt off the concrete. DUH!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

All of my Mothers

I’m a pretty dang lucky girl. Not only am I a mother of two darling little girls, I have some pretty amazing women in my life. So, being the weekend of Moms, I thought I would take a minute and write about each one.

My Grandma Shirley (my Mom’s Mom) died when I was 15. She lived in Spanish Fork and I remember going almost every Saturday to her house. We would play school in the basement, eat all her treats, and go to the store for her. She loved soap operas. She loved that jell-o you buy at the store that has cool whip in it, with more cool whip on top. She loved TV dinners. My Grandma thought that every baby “looked just like a Johnson”. I’m sad sometimes that she never got to meet my girls (here on earth). She loved visitors and pink flowers. She was great!

My Grandma Karyl (my Dad’s Mom) died about 3 ½ years ago. I grew up with her living only one field away. Sometimes my sisters and I would fight over who got to eat dinner at her house on Sunday. Grandma was always trying to teach me something. Cooking, cleaning, sewing…you name it. She was always telling me to stand up straight and be proud of my height. I loved eating her desserts, especially the picnic cake. Mmm! Mmm! She was a great journal keeper. I was reading in her journal the other day and I saw some things she wrote about me while I was on my mission. It made me cry a little to read about how proud of me she was. I hope that I can always live in a way that would make her proud.

Jason’s Grandma Carma (Terry’s Mom) died about six years ago, which means I never met her. Rumor has it, she was pretty dang amazing. Carma had an amazing talent in sewing. Jason always talks about the “cool shorts” that she made. She made a bunch of baby clothes for Primary Children’s when the twins were born because they were too little for anything else. I’ve heard great stories about family parties at her house. Jason always tells me wonderful things about her and I’m glad he had her as an influence in his life.

Jason’s Grandma Janice (Norah’s Mom) lives in California. She comes to Utah to visit often and we always try to see her when she’s here. I’m still getting to know her, but the little I do know is wonderful. She writes great family history, takes great care of Papa Paul, and is a very smart person. She is always interested in what each grandchild is doing. Whenever we talk she always seems interested in me and the girls and I love that. Jason has shared stories of visiting her house in California. I’m grateful for the things she has taught Jason.

My Mother-In-Law, Norah, is next. What a lucky girl I am to live so close to her and her family. Norah is a great woman. She is very kind and compassionate. She is very generous with her time and talents. I love watching her arrange flowers, bake, or play with Jordyn. She teaches me to find fun in all things, to sit back and relax a little, and to always enjoy the company of others. I’m so grateful for the mother she has been to Jason. Boy, he’s lucky! I know that he is who he is, in part, because of his mother. He is also very kind and generous and I know he learned that from her.

Last, my Mom, Susan. Where do I even begin? Of course, all daughters love their mothers. My Mom however is the best of all! She has taught me so many things. She taught me to work hard, even though I’m not very good at it. She has shown me how to pray by always leaving her door open just a crack so I could see her praying. She is a great leader, because she is always leading by example. I know she has a testimony of the gospel. I know she loves her family. She has taught me that family is the most important. I’ve watched her take care of those around her willingly and with love. I’m grateful she’s my Mom, I would never trade her in, I love her dearly, and hope that I can be like her.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Congrats Again!

Congratulations to my sister, Leslie....she got engaged last night. Go Leslie! The big day is October 10th. And the lucky guy is Josh Smith. We're super excited for you guys! (He'll fit right in with that "J" name.....Julie, Jesse, Jason, Jaymie, Jordyn and now Josh.)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

"Let's go... a kite!"

Of course, because we love "POP" (Mary Poppins) we had to go to the park and fly some kites. We kept telling Jordyn what we were doing and she didn't really get it. But then we got out the kites and she had a blast.

We had a good time! It's so fun to have nice weather and be able to take the girls out to explore the world. Jordyn is learning and growing so much and she loves to try new things. And Tessa, well, she loves Jordyn. She is always watching her and smiling. I love my girls!
I love Jason too. I'm glad that he puts so much effort into spending time with me and the girls.


I love this little video. We have watched Bambi 3 times in two days so I thought it was awesome to see some deer right outside!!


The other night at my Mom and Dad's house Jesse got out this cool bubble wand thing. It was really awesome...and the bubbles were pretty big. Jordyn had the best time running around. The dogs had fun too. I tried to get a picture of my Dad's dog, Toby, chasing bubbles but they didn't turn out very well. He would run and then jump four, five, or six feet to catch a bubble in his mouth. It was so funny!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Four Months Old

My sweet little Tessa is now four months old. Friday she had her check-up and she is doing pretty good. She weighs 15 pounds 9 ounces (87%) and is 25 inches tall (77%). She is still drinking bottles and still sleeps great at night. The sad news is that she does have a little "Torticollis". She will be starting physical therapy soon.

Kids in the Hall

Jason and I try very hard to teach Jordyn about being reverent and well behaved during church. We try had to quick her quiet and entertained...hopefully teaching her to be a good little girl. She does pretty good, but boy, if she doesn't get her way she flips out.

Anyway, today she got taken out to the hall. When she is in the hall she does not get to get down and play. She has to sit on Mommy or Daddy's lap and be quiet. No toys. No books. No treats.

Well, it's really hard for us to do this when all the other kids who get to "go out" get to run around and scream, yell, blow fish faces on the doors, and run. I would never dare say anything to the other parents...totally not my place. I'm just not sure what to do. I guess I need to try harder inside so she doesn't need to "go out".

That's all.


Congratulations to Jason's brother Steven....he got engaged this weekend. Go Steve! The big day is August 15th. And the lucky girl is Megan Colton from Chicago. We're super excited for you guys!