Friday, May 29, 2009

Fun Morning

I just love taking pictures of the girls. They really crack me up sometimes. Plus, it will be great to hold some of these photos over their heads when they're older.
Today we've just been taking it easy. After all, it is Friday. Right now the girls are napping. Well, Tessa is. Jordyn is just being naughty in her bed. Anyway, her are a few pictures from today.
Check out those cool Tiger Slippers!
This is before the bath.After the bath....AND first time with braids.Just being cute.Tessa, before her bath, and looking scary.After her bath. Look at those cheeks!This picture was taken a different day. I just wanted everyone to see why we call her "Benjamin Button". I mean, seriously! Doesn't she look like a little old lady with all that crazy hair.

The other day one of my sisters was changing Jordyns poopy bum and told her she had poo stuck in her cheeks. She put her hands on her face with a look of pure terror. (Really Funny!) She just couldn't figure out what we were talking about...she knew there wasn't any poo in her cheeks.

Remember how I was deciding about buying new jeans. Yeah well, I went to seven stores, tried on 15 or so pairs, found nothing, and got home feeling more fat and more depressed than ever before. I have one pair of Capris that fit okay so I'm just going to stick with those for a few weeks. I hate shopping for clothes.

Yesterday we finally got Mario Cart for our Wi! I just love it. So, if anyone wants to come over and play with us we'd be happy to have you.

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Katy said...

I can't believe Jordyn let you do braids! She's amazing. I thought we were pretty awesome to get pigtails in Ryann's hair.

Benjamin Button makes me laugh.