Friday, May 22, 2009

Baby Food

I've never liked baby food. It smells weird. It is always getting EVERYWHERE. It makes babies have gross poop. It costs lots of money. I could go on....But, Tessa is almost 5 months now and I thought it was time we give baby food a try. The first time we fed Jordyn baby food she DID NOT like it. I thought Tessa would be the same but I was wrong. She loved it. (I didn't record the first part where she was crying between bites because I wasn't fast enough.) Today we had rice and sweet potatoes.

In other updates: A while back I talked about Tessa having Torticollis. We've been to physical therapy twice now and have many more appointments in our future. For those who don't know what Torticollis is click HERE and you can read all about it. She's also starting to get a flat spot on her head. This is pretty stressful for me. I'm feeling very overwhelmed.

Last night we left the girls with a baby-sitter (other than family) for the very first time. I think it went pretty well. The girls were fine. The baby-sitter said she would want to come back. Plus, Jason and I had a good time on our mini date. Hurray for baby-sitters!

I think that's all. Today we're going with Grandma Norah to measure all the girls for dresses, for the wedding. That should be fun. I'm excited to see Jordyn in a cute little dress. I'll take pictures!


Katy said...

A real babysitter! I'm glad it went well.

You do such a great job with your girls. I hope the physical therapy does it's trick soon so you won't have to worry so much about Tessa.

carolina said...

Tus hijas son hermosas!!!buen trabajo!!!
gracias por tu comentario, con relacion a el nombre de mi hija no estamos muy claros todavia, ya no queda mucho asi que tendremos que decidir pronto!!!estoy ansiosaaaaaa.

The Larson Family said...

Yay for baby food. I still haven't given any to Aliya yet. It just isn't as exciting the second time around is it?

I totally feel for you with the torticollis. Jayden did end up getting a helmet for his and it really wasn't that bad. I hope she doesn't need it though. It's definitely easier to go without one. Good luck with the physical therapy! Let me know if you have any questions about my torticollis/plagiocephaly experience.