Monday, March 28, 2011

Picture Overload!

We went on Saturday with Julie and the boys to Portrait Innovations to get new pictures taken. It was long, and the kids were tired when we finished, but I think they turned out so cute! Enjoy...

Tangled Coupon

Some of my sisters were wondering about this..

You can create an account or log-in here and then you should be able to print a coupon for $5 off the 4-Disc blu-ray combo pack. This movie comes out on Tuesday th 29th (tomorrow). Jordyn is going to be so excited! She doesn't know yet...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Crafted

Jason's awesome Mom gave me these beautiful plants. (I love plants. Right now we have 12 plants in our house. Seriously!)
I glued butterflies onto sticks. I put the sticks in the plants. Then I put the plants in these cute buckets I found at Hobby Lobby. This is about as crafty as I get.

When Tessa saw what I was doing she started jumping up and down and screaming, "I want purple! I want purple!" So, she got a purple bucket and Jordyn got pink. Jason bought them a new shelf for their room to put the plants Way. Up. High.

These Are The Days Of Our Lives

I feel like it's been awhile... Nothing big and exciting has happened at our house the last little while. Jason is still busy with tax season. The girls have Spring fever and want to be outside all the time. I'm still here, trying to get back into couponing and pretending that I love to cook and meal plan.
Tessa loves anything stuffed. She is so funny. We went to the Disney store in the mall the other day and while Jordyn was looking at the dishes and clothes, Tessa was loving on every stuffed animal in the store.
I got my ring sized. Two babies and a lot of post wedding pounds made it impossible to wear, but luckily Jason got the warranty plan thing and it didn't cost me a dime.

This is my new door hanging thing.
Love #1 - Stuffed Animals. Love #2 - Art projects. she would do this ALL DAY if I let her, but really I'm not that nice of a mom.
Tis the season of dirty feet...
The art loving girl used a sharpie on my bed. Grrrrr!
Don't you hate when this happens? All the bins, except two, dumped in a pile together. (It's only a problem because I'm a freak and the toys have to be organized a certain way.)
And of course, the forbidden front room is the best place to play.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Thank You Grandma Janice

A couple of days ago Jordyn got a package in the mail from Jason's Grandmother (Great Grandma Janice). She was so excited! We opened it up and there were three books inside with a letter. We had to read the books right then, and have read them about 5 times each now. Jordyn loves books. We talked about doing a thank you note to send in the mail to Great Grandma Janice, but Jordyn wanted to do a video instead. So, here it is.

Tessa didn't want to be left out. She's hard to understand, but she keeps saying "Hi Grandma Janice" at the beginning. It's so cute!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Best Day Ever

According to Jordyn that is. You see, we started the day off with brunch. Daddy made us pancakes with bacon. Yum. Then we waisted way to much time and left running out the door to preschool. We dropped Tessa off at Julie's first. After preschool we went to Old Navy and bought new flip flops, which are so dang cute. Wish I would have taken a picture...
We picked up McDonald's and went to the "painting place." The ladies there LOVE the girls. I think they love my Mom better because every time I go they ask how come she didn't come too. So, we all got painted. ((I'm a little ticked that Jordyn stepped on my foot and ruined one of my big toes.))
Tessa picked purple. She loves purple!Jordyn wanted pink with sparkles.She got her fingers painted to.At the end, we were drying and Jordyn whispered, "Mama, this is the best day ever." She is so funny. I'm glad that a little nail polish makes her so happy.
And for Jason...I finished these for you. Love you babe!

My Cousin Aaron

Last weekend my cousin Aaron passed away. I've been thinking a lot about him that last few days, about life and the choices we all make. I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for all of us. I know we are His children and that He loves us. It's just hard sometimes to understand why things have to happen they way they do.
As I've thought about growing up with Aaron a few different memories came to mind. **We used to play ninja turtles in Grandma Halladay's front room. Aaron and Ben (little brother) and Mark and Zac (other cousins) would bring their bags of turtles and we would play forever. **We played dodge ball on the tramp. It seems that Aaron and Zac were always winning. Those two were buds. I remember feeling very jealous that Zac liked Aaron better than me. **Grandma and Grandpa Halladay took some of us girls to Flaming George with them every year. Aaron and his family usually went too. It was fun. **Easter hunts were always so much fun. Aaron was fast and usually got to all of the places first.
I'll miss Aaron. I'll miss the life he could of had. I'll always remember the great person I knew. I'm grateful for the knowledge I have that families are forever. I'm grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ, who suffered for all of us, knowing the difficulties we would each face.
Love you Aaron. Rest in Peace.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"I Said No"

My favorite phrase of the day so far. Seriously, do they ever learn to listen? In about 10 minutes we have to load up so we can go get Jordyn from dance. Then we have to eat lunch and load up again so we can take Jordyn to preschool. I'm tired and in a bad mood. But on the bright side, I'm showered and all ready, the kids are all ready, and the house isn't too messy yet. I am however, seriously considering a full time job today because this stay at home mom job is hard.

I miss Jason. I know it's only been a day or something. ((Did I mention that he sleeps in his car in the parking garage. It saves drive time.)) He's coming home tonight for dinner and a good wife would get the house all clean and fix something terribly yummy for dinner. Is Papa Johns considered "terribly yummy"? Just wondering.

Other than all of that, the sun is shinning today. Which I LOVE! So, hopefully all of this snow will be gone soon. (Also, we put some sort of fertilizer stuff on the lawn Saturday, so we were happy for the snow and rain.) Happy Tuesday!

Goals of the day: Tells the kids I love them, read some books, and build a lego castle.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring Dresses

Okay, so, these dresses were going to be for Easter, but I just couldn't wait one more second. I love spring time. I love watching my yard come to life. I love getting dirt under my nails ((sorta)) and walking through the garden section of any store.

Good thing I decided to be impatient. The dresses fit perfectly NOW. And I love them!