Thursday, March 3, 2011

Motivation, The Lack Of

Today before going to preschool with Jordyn I was thinking about going to the rec center tonight. I was thinking about all the "healthy" things I would buy at the grocery store. I was thinking about starting a new blog (that I would keep secret) to track my diet. I was thinking about how summer was coming and I want to feel comfortable in short sleeves.

Then I came home from preschool, picked up Tessa, and went to Walmart. We bought lots of Easter candy, and some french bread to eat with dinner. That's it.

I'm feeling just so tired all of the time. I don't really want to exercise. I think once I start it will be great, right? I don't want to eat healthy. I like cheeseburgers and diet coke and Easter candy.

So, what motivates you? Do you get up early and workout, or do it at night? Do you limit your treats, or just cut them out totally? Do you get prizes for pounds lost? Do you workout with someone, or just do it alone? Are you just blessed to be naturally skinny and think this post is stupid? Do you dread summer and "summer clothes" as much as I do?


Jamee Fuller said...

I'm terrible when it comes to what I eat. I too am of of the Easter candy/Diet Coke persuasion. The best thing for me with the working out, however, has been having someone do it with me. I feel like I have to show up at the gym to work out when I say I will because my friend is going to be there to meet me and I don't want to let her down or be a jerk and leave her to work out alone. This is great motivation when my alarm goes off in the morning and I want to go back to sleep. It's really the only thing keeping me still going to the gym. :)

Valerie said...

I exercise in the morning and I have to make plans to go with a friend so I am forced to go. As for eating that is tough. My weakness is sweats. I started this challenge with my cousin and 30 of her other friends where you can't eat sweets. Each week we have to check in. Surprisingly I haven't had any sweats because I don't want to be the one the reports in on Monday that I totally failed that week. I have to be accountable to someone to get me going. Also I way more energy when I have been exercising and eating healthy. Of course it is hard to remember when I am tired or there is a yummy treat in front of me.

Amy said...

Here's my soapbox - it has to be something you like. All of it. The food, the exercise, the results. ALL of it. Nobody in their right mind can deny themselves the things they love all day every day for the rest of their lives.

For me? That means working out has to be social. During the day I walk with a neighbor mom who I love, we take our babies and walk very slowly and hang out. I "run" with another neighbor who I love early in the morning.

As for food, it's all about balance. There are plenty of healthy foods I really love, and I don't need a cheeseburger every day. But I can have one some days if I want to. Again, I don't think anybody makes those kinds of sacrifices for very long. I track all of my food on (it's amazing! and free! and full of kind people who are willing to answer questions if you want to do the social network part of it. or it can be totally anonymous and anti-social if you prefer)

I hate summer clothes too. It's not just you.

Amber said...

Sara, you're awesome and this post is not stupid! I think it's all about a healthy balance and figuring out what works for you in your life. I am a totally candy-holic (especially EASTER) and if I told myself I couldn't have it I would probably panic and eat 15 bags of m&m's right there. But if I can tell myself that it's free game if I really want it then I decide, sometimes I really do and sometimes I change my mind. Although I am sure I go overboard on the candy I try to balance my meals with a good amount of fresh fruit and veggies and protein I truly believe it gives me so much more energy and I don't get that bloated feeling. Try different foods and pay attention to how you feel after you eat them.

I agree with the post above. If you're going to stick to the working out thing it should be something you love. But for me that love for working out took time.

Maybe you could start by setting a goal? Like sign up for a 5k. That way you have something you are working towards. I find that really helps me!

You are beautiful and awesome and hilarious, don't stress about the summer clothes!!!

noniepony said...

Do you want to be my rec center buddy starting in April? Because that would be sweet.

r said...

You just need to find what will motivate you. For me it's money :)

For kick starting my running, a fried and I signed up for a 5k. I paid the money so I had to train, plus my buddy was counting on me to do it with her (I did 4 5ks last year to keep myself going and now I [almost] love running). Next, I signed up at a YMCA/gym with an awesome child care. It's my daily me-time which refreshes and keeps me going (plus I'm paying a monthly fee). Then I found a twice a week yoga class that I can't live without anymore. I do my exercising alone except on weekends when I do a longer run.

As for the diet part. . . still trying to find my motivation. I usually head to the store with the best intentions as well but blast those Cadbury eggs!!

Don't beat yourself up because you weren't as healthy as you thought you should have been that day. Life happens. You can't expect to switch from cheeseburgers to salads, couch potato to olympian all at once. Pick one aspect to change when that's kind of a habit, pick another. Good luck, Sara!

r said...

*friend* not *fried* :/

Hilary said...

One time when I was struggling with this same thing my friend pointed out to me that when you are trying to make changes in your lifestyle and habits, your body is going to resist at first. If you push through anyway and do what you know you truly want to do, then eventually you will form new habits and it won't be as hard. It can take a while though, so you have to be patient and don't let up. Show your body who's boss!

When it comes to shopping, I am the worst. I don't know if this is possible for you guys or not, but I found that we get a lot less junk food if I make a list and send my husband to the store. He doesn't get tempted by all the treats and just gets what I have written on the list. That's been very helpful to me.

And about being tired... I seriously get feeling the same way. And when I'm tired I eat more crap, which makes me more tired. When I do force myself to eat fruits and veggies rather than cookies other junk, I have much more energy and just feel better. That is the big change I'm trying to make is eating more fruits and veggies and much less junk. It's so hard though. I swear junk food is just as addictive as alcohol and tobacco. They should make a rehab center for people like me!

Stefanie said...

Sorry I'm just now seeing this post - I'm way behind! I DREAD and am currently hating wearing summer clothes. My arms are the definition of Relief society arms. For me, I workout at night only because I prefer to run and I need to in the dark so my boobs aren't all over the place. Now on the food side, it's all about portion. It's not healthy to deny yourself when you're trying to lose weight and all that. You can have a cookie. Just have it before 7pm or so ;) I know the whole losing weight thing sucks. Focus on how you feel and celebrate the little things. When I lost my first 3lbs I did a little dance :)