Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Best Day Ever

According to Jordyn that is. You see, we started the day off with brunch. Daddy made us pancakes with bacon. Yum. Then we waisted way to much time and left running out the door to preschool. We dropped Tessa off at Julie's first. After preschool we went to Old Navy and bought new flip flops, which are so dang cute. Wish I would have taken a picture...
We picked up McDonald's and went to the "painting place." The ladies there LOVE the girls. I think they love my Mom better because every time I go they ask how come she didn't come too. So, we all got painted. ((I'm a little ticked that Jordyn stepped on my foot and ruined one of my big toes.))
Tessa picked purple. She loves purple!Jordyn wanted pink with sparkles.She got her fingers painted to.At the end, we were drying and Jordyn whispered, "Mama, this is the best day ever." She is so funny. I'm glad that a little nail polish makes her so happy.
And for Jason...I finished these for you. Love you babe!


Jess said...

That really does sound like the best day ever. Making your kids happy is the best. I'm also catching up on your last few posts. I loved your lack of motivation post. I'm the same way and would rather eat cheeseburgers and easter candy. Once though I was motivated and actually lost weight. I still can't go without treats so I found healthier treats and if I was good all week I would reward myself with the healthy treat. I use to find recipies for treats that are healthier.

Amy said...

She's my kind of girl! That does sound like the best day ever.

Stefanie said...

LOVE it! That does sound like a great day!