Monday, March 14, 2011

Thank You Grandma Janice

A couple of days ago Jordyn got a package in the mail from Jason's Grandmother (Great Grandma Janice). She was so excited! We opened it up and there were three books inside with a letter. We had to read the books right then, and have read them about 5 times each now. Jordyn loves books. We talked about doing a thank you note to send in the mail to Great Grandma Janice, but Jordyn wanted to do a video instead. So, here it is.

Tessa didn't want to be left out. She's hard to understand, but she keeps saying "Hi Grandma Janice" at the beginning. It's so cute!

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noniepony said...

So so so so cute! I am thinking of implementing that aerobics version of the ABC song into my classroom next year. It's priceless. And does Jordyn remind you of anyone in Tessa's video: always trying to steal the show. Haha. Love it.
I can't believe how long Tessa's hair is! Crazy.