Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"I Said No"

My favorite phrase of the day so far. Seriously, do they ever learn to listen? In about 10 minutes we have to load up so we can go get Jordyn from dance. Then we have to eat lunch and load up again so we can take Jordyn to preschool. I'm tired and in a bad mood. But on the bright side, I'm showered and all ready, the kids are all ready, and the house isn't too messy yet. I am however, seriously considering a full time job today because this stay at home mom job is hard.

I miss Jason. I know it's only been a day or something. ((Did I mention that he sleeps in his car in the parking garage. It saves drive time.)) He's coming home tonight for dinner and a good wife would get the house all clean and fix something terribly yummy for dinner. Is Papa Johns considered "terribly yummy"? Just wondering.

Other than all of that, the sun is shinning today. Which I LOVE! So, hopefully all of this snow will be gone soon. (Also, we put some sort of fertilizer stuff on the lawn Saturday, so we were happy for the snow and rain.) Happy Tuesday!

Goals of the day: Tells the kids I love them, read some books, and build a lego castle.


Amy said...

He sleeps in his car? Miserable for all of you!!! I hate tax season. Hate it.

And yes, Papa Johns' is considered "terribly yummy" at my house. I'd count it!

Stefanie said...

Yes - Papa John's is considered terribly yummy at our house. If you want it to seem homemade just for his sake stash the box and put it on a plate with a slice of orange or something ;) Stupid tax season.

Katy said...

Yes. Papa Johns is the yummiest!