Tuesday, March 22, 2011

These Are The Days Of Our Lives

I feel like it's been awhile... Nothing big and exciting has happened at our house the last little while. Jason is still busy with tax season. The girls have Spring fever and want to be outside all the time. I'm still here, trying to get back into couponing and pretending that I love to cook and meal plan.
Tessa loves anything stuffed. She is so funny. We went to the Disney store in the mall the other day and while Jordyn was looking at the dishes and clothes, Tessa was loving on every stuffed animal in the store.
I got my ring sized. Two babies and a lot of post wedding pounds made it impossible to wear, but luckily Jason got the warranty plan thing and it didn't cost me a dime.

This is my new door hanging thing.
Love #1 - Stuffed Animals. Love #2 - Art projects. she would do this ALL DAY if I let her, but really I'm not that nice of a mom.
Tis the season of dirty feet...
The art loving girl used a sharpie on my bed. Grrrrr!
Don't you hate when this happens? All the bins, except two, dumped in a pile together. (It's only a problem because I'm a freak and the toys have to be organized a certain way.)
And of course, the forbidden front room is the best place to play.


Hilary said...

It's nice to know someone else's house looks like that sometimes too :) I can relate to everything but the Sharpe. For now. I hope you find some way to get that out!

Diana and Fam said...

I am deathly afraid of markers and scissors. So I am REALLY good about keeping those out of sight and out of reach. It's been harder since we moved which sucks. Sometimes I am more than okay with a mess because the kids are entertained! lol

Katy said...

Oh I'd be so mad about that marker! :( Sorry.