Monday, March 7, 2011

Last Week When The Weather Was Nice

Tuesday is the busy day at our house. Heber and Houston come over to play and Jordyn has dance at 10:45 and preschool at 12:30. Plus I have to clean the studio that day.

Here is Jordyn in her dance clothes. She looks so dang skinny, probably because her clothes are two sizes too big.
Tessa thinks she knows how to work the Netflix on the Wii. Heber is telling her to pick Barney.At my house, Houston loves being naked.After the morning stuff and lunch we decided to walk Jordyn to preschool. Tessa did NOT want to walk with us.She soon realized that I was leaving without her and decided to come. The girls ran the entire two and a half blocks. They loved it.Heber was very sad that we left Jordyn, but then a helicopter flew by.And he found a rock.


Jessica Havican said...

hahaha kids are great!

Jesse and Julie said...

I have a feeling we'll be going on lots of walks this summer and I can't wait! :)

Diana and Fam said...

I give you BIG props for walking that far with 4 kids. Not an easy thing. I too have had to "leave" someone behind in order to get them to follow. lol