Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jordyn's Birthday Day

I took Jordyn and Tessa to the movies. We saw the new Winnie the Pooh movie. It was so super cute! Jordyn cried the entire time that it was too scary and Tessa pooped. After the movie we went to Costa Vida for dinner and Daddy met us there.

Jordyn is such a character to have around our house. She is always singing, playing new games, and asking to do art projects. Jordyn's favorite phrase right now is "Here's the deal." She says it whenever she wants something. She love chicken nuggets and anything pasta. She doesn't care much for suckers or sour treats. I'm surprised constantly by her imagination. She speaks her own language, literally. She says it's English...but trust's not. She has an amazing memory. I know because she is constantly repeating things she has heard me say....good and bad things. She is a good big sister and is so excited to have a new baby at our house. I'm so blessed to have such a talented, smart little girl teaching me every day to be a little more fun, a little more Christ like, and a little more crazy.

Jordyn's Birthday Party

Holy Cow! I can't believe she is 4. Can you tell that she is thrilled? Poor kid. This was a bad day for the red, itchy hives. She was miserable.

We had her party on Sunday, August 7th. Everyone in the family came...even Aunt Julia (who lives in China) and Josh and Cheryl (who live in Georgia). We are so lucky to have so many awesome family members who love Jordyn, and support us. Jordyn is lucky to have 8 Aunts, 7 Uncles, 4 Grandparents, and 4 Cousins who all live within 20 minutes of her house. Jason made the cupcakes. He stayed up til 3 in the morning working on them. They turned out AWESOME! Jordyn was SpOiLeD! She got way to many gifts and loved all of them, but her favorite is the MagnaDoodle from Grandma Sue Sue and Grandpa Day. The other day she wrote "MOM" and but flowers and hearts all around to surprise me.It turned out to be a great party. Thank you so much to everyone who came. Tessa even had fun, and can NOT stop talking about her "3" birthday....coming December 2011.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Yo Gabba Gabba, Hives, Cookies, Princess Camp & Miss Tessa's Hair

My kids are addicted to TV. Seriously. This has become a blessing and a curse. I love that I have a free babysitter, but I hate that the TV has to be on ALL THE TIME! They fight over which show to watch, who gets to choose, and where they get to sit on the couch. Some TV shows are great. They learn about colors, numbers, animals, sharing, cleaning up, and about a million little songs that they love. (I'm talking about Barney, Mickey Mouse Club House, Dora and Diego, Blue's Clues and Dragon Tales.) But, there is one show that I hate. REALLY! Yo Gabba Gabba. YUCK! Well, they love it. Look at them shaking their little booties.

Jordyn had another run of bad luck in the health department. I have no idea what happened, some internal virus the doctor said. My poor baby was covered in itchy hives from head to toe. This picture hardly shows what it was really like. She was miserable.Tessa is messy. Especially with food. What more can I say?Jordyn went to Princess Camp at Dance Showcase Company. She was so excited. She asked everyday for weeks how many more days. She was sick the day before...again. I was worried she wouldn't be able to go, but she did. She had so much fun. She is our Dancing Queen!

Oh, this kid. Look at that face. "Oh, Mom...put the camera away." You can't see it well, but Tessa has the best little twisty braid thing in her hair. Jordyn cries just looking at a brush. Tessa is tough. She'll sit in a chair and let me pull, yank, and tug her beautiful, thick hair until I think it's perfect. She can be a monster sometimes....WHO AM I KIDDING?!?! She is a little monster most of the time, but I sure love her and she is stinking cute.

Thing 3

Thirteen and a half weeks. Are you ready to hear me cry about it? This pregnancy has been a lot different for me. I've had a major aversion to food. Nothing sounds good. Nothing tastes good. Nothing looks good the second time. Eh! I've been tired and crabby. I get impatient quickly. I want to stay in bed all day and at night I have a hard time sleeping. Jordyn asks me almost every morning if I'm sick. Poor neglected girls.

But, it's all worth it. I love thinking about having a new baby around our house. I imagine how cute Jordyn will be...and how extremely jealous Tessa will be. I think about cute baby toes and fingers, baby smells, and baby smiles. What a blessing!
These are the shirts Jason made. They turned out so cute.

Our Yard 2011

We've worked hard in our yard this summer. Well, Jason has. I really haven't done much. We planted a bunch of new perennials this year. Plus this fall we'll be planting a bunch of bulbs for next spring. Jason also planted a bunch of corn...that we're still waiting on. Our Raspberries haven't been so great, but that's probably because we only planted them in the spring. Jason's grow box turned out great. We've had a bunch of zucchini and tomatoes. I'm excited for next year already, just so we can add a couple more boxes to our yard. Well, Jason can add them. I'll watch. I'm good at that.

My favorite flowers this year were the Black-Eyed Susans and the Lilies. They turned out so beautiful. It's amazing to me how my love for flowers grows each year. I love teaching the girls too. Jordyn is constantly asking what a flower is called. It's great!