Wednesday, October 7, 2009

To The Doctor Again!

We went to the doctor again today. I've spent a lot of money on co-pays these last few weeks. So, the doctor had said that if Tessa wasn't better in five days to bring her back. She's not better, and Jordyn is sick now off we went. Jordyn has croup and Tessa has either croup or asthma...the doctor is calling it wheezing for now.
Here's the top of the microwave.

Here is sicky Jordyn.

Tessa gets to do breathing treatments.

She does so good. She keeps it in her mouth and everything. I'm really surprised that she doesn't fight me the whole time.

So, other than being sick we've also been having fun with Heber. He's getting so big. He's almost four months old now. It's fun to baby-sit him. He keeps us busy.

Tuesday night we went to the temple. My sister, Leslie, is getting married on Saturday so we went for her first time. It was a really nice night. Afterwards we (Leslie, Josh, Jason, and I) went to Taco Amigo for a little snack. I love Taco Amigo! It's one of my favorite places. YUM!
Jason has one class ending tomorrow night. That will be nice. Another ends at the first of November. I think he likes the things he's learning, he's just really tired of homework and all the time school takes. Soon he will be done....and hopefully it will all have been worth it.
I think that's all. Oh, yeah! We're taking the girls to Disneyland. I'm very excited! I've never been before. Jordyn and I have been watching Disney movies so she'll recognize somethings when we're there. Tonight we are watching Snow White. Can you guess my favorite part? It's when Snow White cleans the house of the Seven Dwarfs. Anyway, WHAT ARE SOME "MUST SEE" THINGS AT DISNEYLAND?


The Larson Family said...

Oh no! I'm sorry your girls are sick! I hope Tessa doesn't have asthma. That's really amazing that she cooperates for her breathing treatments so well. What a sweetie.

Valerie said...

If you are going to Disneyland I would suggest one of the character meals. The have a princess one. They are pricey but it is the easiest way to see all of the characters. When we were there in March the place was pretty dead so the rides only had a 5 minute wait or less but Princess Academy and Pixie Hollow had an 1 hour wait.

Carolina said...

Oh no!! mi bebe esta enferma tambien!! pero ya se esta recuperando!espero que las tuyas se sientan mejor pronto!! y que pases un tiempo genial en Disneyland!! besitos!:-D

Seth and Karen said...

I'm so sorry the girls are sick. That is so hard. I hate sick kids. I wish I could help them more than I ever can.
As for Disney Land....everything is a must see. I love Disney Land. You get totally consumed by the whole disney things. It really is magical.

Katy said...

First off, I love your Halloween background! I'm so sorry the girls are sick. That's so hard. Ander might have the same diagnosis as Tessa actually. (Wheezing, breathing treatments, possibly asthma.) I can't wait to hear about Disneyland. I've never been there with kids so I don't know, but I loved the Peter Pan ride when I was younger.