Saturday, October 24, 2009

Boo At The Zoo!

Today we went to the zoo. We went to "Trick or Treat" with the girls. Jordyn dressed up at a cow girl and Tessa was a horse. Jordyn is in LOVE with her boots. She loves them so much that the other day we had to put them on over her feet pajamas. I thought that Tessa would fight more in her costume, but she did great. They were both so cute.Nonie and Jordyn checking out the new baby elephant.
"Princess Alice"
Isn't she so super cute!
The bears. This is the first time in six trips to the zoo that I've seen them moving.
Mommy, Jordyn, and two Zebras.
Blurry Baby Giraffe.
Daddy, Jordyn, and Tessa checking out an owl.
On the carousel. This was Tessa's first time. Does she look scared?
Jordyn was being a little scardy cat too. Usually she loves this ride.
On the slide. It takes her about three minutes to get to the top and then 3 seconds to get to the bottom. She loves it!
Feeding the ducks.
On the train. Cho! Cho!
At the end of our fun trip.
The weather was a little chilly. There were lots of people there. We got a huge bowl of candy. (YUM!) It was lots of fun!

Thanks Nonie! We're so glad you could come with us.


Andrea said...

Sara, your family is so darling, and I have to say that you look great in these pictures! Thanks so much for keeping us all updated. I think you guys are great!

Seth and Karen said...

such cute pics! i didn't know they did that at the zoo. How fun!

Amy said...

So fun!

The Larson Family said...

How fun! And I love the cowgirl and horse costumes.

Katy said...

I love Tessa's face on the carousel. She looks adorable in that costume. Cute cute kids!