Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Today was a super great day...except for a few things. I'll get the complaints out of the way so I can get to the good stuff. Jordyn stepped on the pumpkin pie we bought at Costco. I ran into the trailer hitch that was on the jeep. Jason stepped on my foot. other thing...but I'll tell you about that later.
Here's my little vampire baby. She just woke up so she looks super tired and her hair is a mess...BUT isn't she cute. Norah gave this binkie to Jordyn last year. Click HERE for a blast from the past. We look the girls out tonight for some candy. We decided to walk because the weather was so great. Jordyn got a little scared at some of the house. She DOES NOT like monsters. Tessa was just along for the ride.
Jordyn loved knocking on doors. She was cute!
Remember...You Were Warned!
Jordyn pooped on my floor!
(I had a picture on here, but it really was I thought I'd spare you. You're welcome!)


Chelsey said...

Hey sweetie! I'm so glad you updated your blog and I saw it on facebook. It looks like Halloween was fun for you guys! I have a blog too! It's!

Jessica Havican said...

hahaha I just love your posts. They seriously make me laugh out loud or smile really big because you have such cute girls! Sorry about the poop incident. I work at Kid to Kid in Lehi and a kid totally took a dump on the floor in one of the aisles. It was disgusting and I just about lost my breakfast. It was rancid! gotta love kids right?

Amy said...

That binkie rocks!