Thursday, July 9, 2009

Feels Like Forever

Recently we've been without the Internet. I've been going CRAZY! I haven't been able to update my blog like I've wanted to and I haven't been able to read all the blogs I love. What a bummer right?!? So here are all the things that have been going on that I've wanted to tell you all about.

Tessa's physical therapy is going okay. Well, not really. Today she got a "T.O.T. Collar" and I hate it. Although, it's not quite as bad as I thought it would be. She only really cries when you put it on and then she's fine. And she only has to wear it for about 1 hour a day for now and we will work up to four hours each day. Hopefully it will help because the poor kid is really tipping to one side.

At the end of June I took the girls to the Zoo with some of my friends and their girls. We went with Marcia and her two, Parkar and Paityn and Talia with her little girl Olive. It was lots of fun. I wish I had a picture from the Zoo, but I'm a dork and didn't take her is one of Jordyn and Paityn watching a movie.

On the Fourth of July we spent the day at my parent's house. Jason worked on my Mom's kitchen with my Dad and Jesse. That night we watched the city fireworks and did a few of our own fireworks. It was really fun! Here's a picture of my parents with the girls and a picture of the three cousins. SO CUTE!

We took Jordyn to see the new Disney movie "Up" and loved it. It is so cute and Jordyn did really great. She watched almost the entire movie in her own chair...of course the "kids pack" with popcorn, a drink, and a treat really helped.

The "Binky Man" came to our house the other day. We've really been wanting to get Jordyn off of her bottle and binky. So, we told her about the "Binky Man". You see, you put all your bottles and binkies in a special spot and while you're sleeping he picks them up and takes them to the new babies who need them. In return, he leaves you a cool surprise. Well, we tried to get Jordyn to leave both the binkies and the bottles, but she would only give up her bottles. I'm okay with that for now because at least it's something. Plus, she hasn't asked for a bottle yet and she loves her new fisher price camper thing that the "Binky Man" left her. I just don't want my little baby girl to grow up. Time goes by way to fast!

Well, I think that's all. We have an exciting few weeks coming up. It is so fun to see the girls learn new things and have fun with different experiences.
We hope that you are all having a super fun summer too!


Diana and Fam said...

What a cute idea! (binkie man) I will have to try this with my daughter when I am ready to take her binkie away. I am just dreading that since she is so attached to it.

Seth and Karen said...

The Binkie Man. I Love it. I've never heard of that, but I will definately keep it in mind. That opens up so many possiblities.

Katy said...

Sounds like the Binkie man was a huge success! Great idea! I hope the new physical therapy works well with Tessa. It sounds hard.

Liz said...

I've never heard of a Binkie Man before--cute idea! I know it can be really bittersweet wanting to get rid of things like bottles and binkies, but then have to realize that your baby isn't a baby anymore. But now she's an adorable toddler! :)

Joy said...

The "Binkie Man" now that is a creative mommy never done that one before, Yet my kids never took one not for trying...