Sunday, September 18, 2011

What Our Daddy Doesn't Know

Today Julie and I took the kids up Diamond Fork Canyon to visit our Daddies. It was fun. The weather was perfect. The drive was even fun, except on the way home when we got lost. Jordyn wanted to sleepover. I did too. Too bad it gets so cold at night up there.On the way up we, the moms, talked about how much the kids have been missing the Dads. Jordyn cries every night that Jason isn't home to give her a "zoom" (a special way to lift her up to the top bunk). Tessa wakes up during the night crying asking for him. Heber wants his Daddy to come check on him when he gets home.

We got home around six and I just can't stop thinking about our conversation. I told Julie that sometimes it makes me sad that I spend all day with the girls, taking care of them and everything...but when Jason spends 15 minutes with them they are so happy. Daddies are so important. Especially our Daddy.

I hope our Daddy knows how much we love and appreciate him. He tells the best bedtime stories and sings the best songs. He plays Lego's and little people. He is the best jungle gym. Our Daddy loves us, he takes care of us.

But I really hope our Daddy knows that we need him. He teaches us how to be kind, how to love everyone, how to work hard, and how to have fun. He keeps us safe and makes us feel special and important. We love him, a lot.

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