Sunday, October 2, 2011

September - And A Little More

I've been meaning to post about all of this. Every night I sit down and think about blogging, but I'm too tired. Tonight is a good night. I'm tired, but it has been a great weekend.

We've been going to as many of Hayden and Jake's football games as we can. It has been super fun. Jordyn loves the cheerleaders and wants to be one when she grows up.
Tessa is a monkey at football games. She loves climbing up and down the bleachers and eating all the garbage she can find. It's disgusting. Jason is constantly asking her if she's been sucking on a pig.

Hayden was over one night with the family and decided to spend some time with the girls. They loved it!Jordyn started her 2nd year of preschool. She loves being the big kid this year. Miss Heidi told my mom that she is the class room helper, always making sure everyone is fair. She's just like me. I was the little mother everywhere I went.

I was so cool and let the girls play with play dough. Do you understand how hard that was for me?

Jason mowed the lawn one day and left his drink on the fence. When he was finished he grabbed his drink, drank the rest real quick, and ended up with a wasp in his mouth. This picture hardly does his swollen face justice. His lip was stung on the inside and he lip and face got so big!

I had a birthday, shout hurray. This year I turned 29. Yikes I'm getting old. It was a fun birthday. I loved that Jordyn kept asking me if it was my birthday and I loved that she and Tessa told me happy birthday about a million times. We had a fun dinner at my Mom and Dad's on the Sunday before. Then on the real day Jason took me to dinner and we had surprise cake and ice cream at the Hunter's. It was really fun!

The girls love playing in Grandpa Day's backyard! Tessa loves the fort and is always imagining some fun game.

Jordyn loves being a model and after every picture she always asks if her eyes were good. Silly girl!

Houston loves Jordyn. Hopefully. She is crazy about holding him.

One day when we went to my parents' house these three crazy kids were all dressed the same!

Tessa is getting so big. Some days I watch her play and just want to cry. Her hair is so blood and so long. She does not like to be called anything except Tessa. If you call her sweetie, or Tessie, or honey she will yell at you and say, "I'm Tessa Marie Hunter!"

General Conference was awesome! I'm not sure what made it so wonderful. Maybe I was listening more for answers that would help me be a better mother and wife. Maybe the girls were better. Maybe Heavenly Father knew I just needed to hear a lot of the talks. Jordyn was such a good example. On Saturday she watch almost all four hours. She would ask questions and she even got her Book of Mormon out to look at. I am in awe at the things she knows and the little testimony I see growing inside her.

And finally, Sunday Grandma Sue Sue made us all dinner and then we did the dishes while she sat in the swing with the Grand kids. Jordyn - 4, Tessa - 2, Heber - 2, Houston - 10 months, and Jaxon - 4 months. In February we'll had two more little boys (ours and my sister Leslie's). That will make 7 under the age of 5. SO FUN!

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