Tuesday, December 13, 2011

In Our Spare Time

Some of us think it's okay to let go of the bunk bed ladder when we're at the top. Yep. She broke it. Last May she broke her left arm falling off a four foot slide in the back yard. This time it was her right arm. Jordyn got her tonsils out on Wednesday, December 7th. She was so excited. I felt bad for letting her be thrilled about the experience. She was so brave. Not a single tear was shed at the hospital. She loved it all, until they brought her back to us.I wasn't aloud (per Jordyn) to take any pictures at the hospital after her surgery, but here she is at home that same day. She really was such a trooper.Apparently this is comfortable.

Jordyn has been enjoying her limitless TV privileges. For real. This kid can watch TV. It's been hard to see her hurting so much. Last Friday she asked if we could put her tonsils back in. Eating and drinking have been a struggle too. Her voice has changed. Unless I'm looking at her it takes me a minutes to realize who is talking to me.Tessa loves her Daddy.She sits like him too.And oh the coloring. Jordyn is very crafty. Don't be surprised if you get a letter in the mail from her. It's her new obsession.

I'm glad that these last few days are over. Now if I can just get Jason home from his business trip to Texas we'll all be doing much better. It's been a week almost since Jordyn's surgery and today was the first day that I thought she was finally starting to get back to normal. And Tessa, well, it's 9:30pm and I can hear her...doing something naughty I'm sure in the other room, when she should be in bed.


Jessica Havican said...

Your kids have such great personalities! Excited to get to this stage with Janen. Hang in there momma, you're doing great!

Katy said...

okay, I think you need a new hobby for your spare time ;) (I just mean the tonsils and the broken arm part) I love that Tessa was brave and sat on Santa's lap but Jordyn needed some convincing. Funny kids! That's funny how you captured Tessa's "relaxing" sleep pose. It's even funnier that Jordyn wouldn't let you take a picture of her in the hospital! I love your kids.