Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I'm Thankful * Day Two

My Children

Jordyn makes me laugh. Her imagination takes her places that leave her telling stories only a four year old could dream up. She loves people and is kind, like her Daddy. She loves to learn and is constantly teaching her sister what she learned at church and preschool. Her spirit is strong and she challenges me to be better.

Tessa loves to play. She cuddles and often asks me to hold her hand. She is constantly telling us that she is "cared" (scared) and that she needs us. She loves books and stories and songs. Tessa teaches me patience and love. She loves to play house. She talks to my belly. She is quick to forgive and easily shares.

My sweet baby boy. I love his strong kicks. Being pregnant reminds me daily of miracles and teaches me about my Heavenly Father's love. This baby growing inside me reminds me how simple and wonderful life is.

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