Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm Thankful * Day Twenty-Two

*My Parents*

I'm old. Sometimes I feel like I'm too old to still need my parents, but I do. I still need them to listen to me. They let me cry and tell me things will be okay. I still need them to give me advice. I learn from them about being a parent. Espcially my Mom, she teaches me to be a better mother. I still need them to keep me in line. My Dad is not afraid to let me know when I'm doing something that could be changed and my Mom is just the same. I'm thankful for all they do for us. I'm thankful for the time they spend with the girls. I'm thankful for countless meals and treats and cans of soda. I'm really thankful that they taught me the Gospel, showed me how to be like the Savior, and gave me the love I needed to grow up safe and protected.


Stefanie said...

Don't worry - I still need my mom too :))

Katy said...

awe, I'm thankful for my parents too!