Thursday, September 16, 2010

WHAT! The Hunter's...

…Who are they?

Did you miss me? No really, did you? I’ve been told a few times in the last couple of days that I really need to update my blog. So, here goes. And, I’m promising weekly posts from now on. Honestly, I’ve missed blogging. It’s like my journal. Plus, I love showing off my adorable kids.

There are a lot of things that have happened this summer. I’m not even sure where to start, or how much to share. So, I’ll stick with some of the major events right now, and go from there.

In June, Heber had his first birthday. I can hardly believe it. Julie planned a party at Cabelas. Jordyn kept asking who Bella was. Happy Birthday Heber!
We sent Steven off to war...but I'm pretty sure I already posted about that.
Jason was able to go visit Steven in Wisconsin for a couple of days with an Employer Group. He said it was really awesome, and great to have a little time with Steve.
P.S. Did you know Steve and Megan are having a baby?'s a GIRL! and she'll be here around Christmas time.
We went up the canyon ONE day. And that was it. Really. I can't handle the dirt or the bugs. Poor Jason, he married a wimp! But, Tessa had so much fun.
Jordyn had a birthday! Three years has gone by so fast. She wanted to have her party at Grandma Sue Sue's house with princess, fairies, and hello kitty.
Jordyn had her first friend party. It was a blast...for her. Not so much for Jason and I. What where we thinking?
The girls took lots of baths in Grandpa Day's tub. When you turn the jets on the bubbles go CRAZY!

We took a quick trip to Park City. The girls had so much fun. I mean, really, look at their faces. Don't they look so happy.

We ended our quick trip to Park City with a stop in the Emergency Room! Jordyn fell off the bed in the middle of the night, while sleeping. She broke her collar bone. She milked it....for all it was worth.
Jordyn started dance....
And Preschool.
We went to the State Fair. See the cow behind Jason...he was checking things out.
I had a birthday.... I'm now 28! YIKES! Jason gave me these flowers....
and took me to see the Lion King at the Capital Theater. It was awesome!


megs634 said...

YAY! I am so glad you updated your blog! You did a great job of catching everyone one up. Jordyn looked so cute on her first day of school! hope you keep up with the blogging, even though I know it is difficult with no internet at home.

megs634 said...

ps I think this is my first blog comment ever!

Diana and Fam said...

You just validated my fear of the kids falling off the bed at a hotel! Crazy! Glad she is okay! Wow you have been busy! Glad to see all is okay!

Katy said...

You're back! I've missed you. And I can't believe I missed your b-day this year. So sorry. Happy late b-day! I'm glad you got to see Lion King. That sounds awesome.

Stefanie said...

Glad you had a great bday! Wasn't the Lion King awesome? (except that the little Simba was black and the adult Simba was white when we went. Weird.)

Lindsey said...

Yay! I'm glad you're back; I truly did miss hearing your updates! Cute cute family! (P.S. Now that I'm back to sitting on the couch for a third of the day nursing, I need reading material. hehe)