Wednesday, February 8, 2012

As Requested

Jason told me last night that I really needed to update the blog before the baby comes. I thought that was a good idea. It seems like time is passing so slow. Every morning I wake up and think - it's only...whatever day it is. Today I'm thinking that it's only Wednesday. That means we have to wait 5 more nights for Asher to get here. 5 NIGHTS! Do you know how long that is in pregnancy nights? The good thing is that we've had plenty to do.
Yesterday (02-07-12) my sister, Leslie, had her baby - Carter! He is super cute. You should see his hair. Reddish-blond, super long....past his ears. When we went to visit them at the hospital I thought Jordyn would be the big baby hog, but I was super surprised. Tessa held him three times. She touched his nose and whispered, "His nose is so little." She kissed his cheek, she touched his hair. She stared and stared at him. So cute! Jordyn held him for maybe one minute.
Besides meeting baby Carter, we've been going to the library, cleaning and organizing cupboards, and buying the last things we need for the baby. We've gone to some church basketball games, gotten our toes painted, and watched lots of movies. Tomorrow my Mom is taking the girls to Bye Bye Birdie at Lehi Junior High.
I can hardly believe that our family is about to add one more. Some days I'm so excited I can hardly breath and some days I'm so nervous I feel sick. What will he look like? How will the girls act? Will they be jealous? Will I be able to love all of them the same? Oh, the joys of being a mother.
And then there's Jason. Tax season is in full force and Jason is busy. But today, he surprised me with flowers. They are beautiful, and such a fun surprise. The note he sent with them was so sweet. I was crying while reading it to the girls and Jordyn asked me who died. So, thank you Jas. We love you! We appreciate all of your hard work and we're so glad you're ours!
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Jessica Havican said...

Aww I loved reading about Tessa being tender with her new baby cousin. I guess the nervousness doesn't go away even when you already have 2. I am so nervous! I am excited to see what your little man looks like!

Katy said...

I love that Jordyn asked who died. Funny kids! I hope Tessa is just as sweet with baby Asher. I hope these last 5 nights go by with plenty of sleep for all of you.

Diana and Fam said...

My Mom mentioned that she saw you the other day. I am so excited for you to be so close to meeting the new little man in your life. Can't wait to see pics of him!

Chantal Marie said...

Crazy. My sister Amber had her baby yesterday too! Congrats leslie! And good luck to you. Pregnancy days are equal to about 35 none pregnancy days.