Thursday, March 1, 2012

Family Of Five

People always say that if you can manage three kids it doesn't matter how many you have. If that's true, I can have a hundred more...I mean if that was the only determaning factor. (You know, if it wasn't about how hard it is on a girl's body, or the recovery, or the baby blues.) Anyway, the reason why...Asher is such a good baby. He hardly ever cries. He loves to be cuddeled and loved. He sleeps great, eats great. He's pretty much great!
Jordyn always wants to help. She is good at putting his binkie in and getting diapers.

Tessa is her same silly self. She is begging for a little attention, which maybe explains her contant potty accidents. It's driving me crazy. I'm just trying to remember that she's not the baby any more, and while that's easy for me to understand, it's not so easy for her.

Jason took the girls ice fishing. I think they loved it. I also think he's glad to have that promise completed. They caught one fish.

 Aunt Nonie made Asher this cute blanket. I love does he.

Tessa came and got me one morning. "Mommy, Asher was crying so I gave him my bear."

So, three kids, so far, has been a good adjustment for us. Now, if I could only stop bawling all of the time, or yelling, or being frustrated, or snapping at the girls, or wishing tax season were over, or being so tired....Oh the joy. But BLESSED.

Truely Blessed!

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