Sunday, April 15, 2012

Recent Happenings

Funny how fast time passes. Seriously. My camera is over flowing with pictures, moments I want to remember forever. Moments that make me laugh, keep me sane, and help me remember the simple things of life.

Grandpa Day came over and Tessa brought him the nail polish. He was such a good sport. I think more paint ended up on her skin than on her toe nails, but for his first time he did a great job!

 Tessa laid her head down on the race track. What was she thinking?

General Conference came and went. With little kids it's hard to catch any of the talks, but Jason and I both listened to a few. Every conference we measure the girls against the wall. They love it! They're much.

 For fun we added Asher's mark to the wall.

While Jason has been busy with tax season, I've been at home with the kids. Some days have been really long. REALLY LONG! One of my guilty pleasures is having my hair played with. So, I bribe Jordyn. If she plays with my hair she can take pictures of it with my camera.

So, she takes pictures of my hair, and then she plays for a while. Here are some of her best ones.

Josh and Leslie had Carter's baby blessing. Josh did a great job. At the luncheon we took this picture. All the cousins, together, sitting still. A miracle.
((Jaxon, Houston, Heber, Carter, Jordyn, Tessa, and Asher))


Valerie said...

How funny I bribe my kids to play with my hair too. Cute pictures.

Diana and Fam said...

My mom is always telling me to teach my kids to play with my hair, put lotion on my legs and to give back rubs.... get this,... they will do it to her but not me! lol