Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bad Mood

This morning I was dreaming about running water. As I started to open my eyes I could see Jordyn in the bathroom. She was at the sink...thus the running water. I walked in there and had to walk right back out. You know, turn around and count to 10 before you beat your kid. After composing myself I went back into the bathroom to find the garbage can full of water, Jordyn's pink potty full of water, the rugs full of water, the floor full of water, toilet paper blobs all over the floor and Jordyn pant-less. She said she had gone potty and she was just washing her hand. Yeah, right. Anyway, that was enough to set me off for the day. After that I was on the phone with Comcast and then T-Mobile trying to fix my phones. Everybody knows what that is like... Jordyn got in the crackers and made a HUGE mess all over the couch. By noon, nobody was dressed, my house was a disaster zone, Jason wasn't answering his phone, the girls were crying and I wanted to go back to bed.

After sulking...for like three hours....I got up, put on a bra and got to work. So, now it's nine and I'm waiting for the girls to fall asleep so I can finish cleaning. Today I've rearranged the girls room, dusted everywhere...even some of the base boards, vacuumed, cleaned up the desk, changed the sheets, and washed some clothes. In a minute I'm going to finish up by cleaning the bathroom, doing the dishes, and cleaning the floors. I LOVE having a clean house. Oh...and after all that...I'm going to take a bath and finish the book Katy loaned to me like three months ago. I have about 15 pages left.


The Larson Family said...

"After sulking...for like three hours....I got up, put on a bra and got to work."--LOL!

I think we all know what those days are like. Good for you cleaning and channeling your energy. I need to do that next time I'm having a bad day.

Hope tomorrow is better!

Diana and Fam said...

Oh man... I hate days like that and when stuff like that happens, that is when I bake some brownies. Chocolate seems to make things better, at least temporary. I have had to put up my toilet paper so it doesn't get played with anymore. I just assume that we all have to readjust things when they become potty trained. So fun! Hang in there! And holy cow! I can't believe you got all that stuff done while having an off day. Way to go!!!