Monday, July 30, 2012

The Last Few Weeks

Holy Cow life is busy and crazy and fun! I've been a major blog slacker, but not anymore. You see, I made a promise to MeMe and LaLa. ((That's what the girls call Camie and Janae.)) Last week they left for Dodge City, Kansas. They both got a volleyball scholarship and we are so proud of them, and excited for their fun adventure. Well, Jason and I are excited...Jordyn and Tessa are still adjusting. Anyway, I promised them that I would write every week. In their honor, and because I don't want to forget anything, I'll give an update on everyone.

Jordyn is growing up. She will be five in just a couple of weeks. My baby is turning FIVE! And besides that, my baby is going to start kindergarten soon. She is beyond excited, and I'm just thrilled for her. Jordyn has become a bit emotional these last few weeks. She is very sensitive. She loves to play with friends. She is a big help with Asher. She is a big help with almost everything really. She takes out the garbage and empties the dryer and checks for chicken eggs. ((We just found our first one, two days ago.)) Jordyn LOVES TV, especially "Eleven Kids" as she calls it. She loves crafts and cooking and treats, and being the boss. She's good at it too.

My sweet Miss Tessa is beyond hilarious. She is always saying things that crack me up. She copies Jordyn in everything. She speaks in the bathroom, at bedtime, when she's playing, in the car...always. She is very particular at bedtime. Everything has a spot and it must be right. And then she comes out, about 15 times. "Mom, I need to tell you, um, um, um...." She cut her hair, I should get a picture of it. Luckily her part hides it well. Tessa loves church and all of her teachers. She's excited to start preschool soon and can write "T" all by herself. She loves to cut and glue, play barbies, and eat fruit. Any kind, but especially strawberries. 

Asher is getting so big. He loves his sisters, even though they torture him more than anything. He rolls from back to belly, but spends most of the time on his side moving in a circle. Asher loves to eat and has been doing pretty good with solids. He is a great sleeper, sleeping all through the night. He love bath time and lotion, but would rather not get dressed...ever. Most days he hardly cries at all, except when he is hungry or tired...or when Tessa is poking his eyes out. Compared to the girls he is super mello and we love having a little boy around here. But I'm thinking he's going to give me a run for my money. I can already tell he's going to be into everything.

In June the girls played T-Ball on a city team and I was their coach. It was fun, well, they had fun. I learned a lot of patience. They were so proud of their medals, and I'm so glad to be finished.

Asher knows what a spoon is. We've only tried sweet potatoes and applesauce with his rice cereal, but he loves them both. It's so funny to me that he knows what's coming as soon as he sees a bowl or gets a bib on.

Our Grandpa Day is awesome. So awesome that he hooks wagons up to four wheelers and pulls the kids around.

What a funny bunch of basket heads...they're all so cute. Me? I'm just a basket case. Seriously, some days I need moments like this to keep me from going crazy.

We met Hallie as the splash pad and took Heber with us. It was fun, and perfect weather. I thought the kids would be nervous, but they just jumped right in. They were soaked in minutes and played for over an hour.

We went to the parade in Spanish Fork for Fiesta Days on the 24th of July. The boys went golfing and all the girls waved to the pretty girls on the floats. Jordyn took the whole thing so seriously. She made sure to wave at each one and kept track of who was modest and who was not. So Funny!

After the parade we went to a fun BBQ at my Aunt Bonnie's house. The kids had a blast playing in the water. In the evening we went to the rodeo. It was a busy day and a late night. The next day we stayed at home, in our jammies. Jordyn took a nap on the floor. She was so tired.

I took this picture on July 13th. Asher was 5 months old. It's crazy how fast time passes. Too fast. I try and remind myself how much I'll miss these days every time I'm feeling crazy and cooped up. Because seriously, look at this baby!

And even though this picture is totally out of order I wanted to mention the 4th of July. We had a BBQ with the Hunter family and then watched the city fireworks at the Junior High. The girls had so much fun. Who am I kidding? I did too. It was great!

So, onto me and Jason now I guess. I've been enjoying the summer. We're starting our second session of swimming lessons tomorrow. I love taking the girls to do fun things like that, but it sure takes a lot out of me. I'm loving being home with the kids and it's fun watching them grow up. I do feel like I'm loosing my mind some days. Not sure why. Maybe it's having three kids or something. Two times last week I started the washer and never added any clothes to it. I forget about breakfast sometimes until 11 or so. I forget appointments and lessons and food in the oven. I've started writing everything down. Seriously, sometimes I'm surprised I remember anything.

And Jason. He's busy and loving it. You see, Jason just got a new job. We feel so blessed for the opportunities we've been given these last few weeks. Jason is working at Lunsford Peck now. It's a CPA firm in Provo, about 30 minutes closer to home than his last job. He is also excited for Hunting season, which is coming up soon. He's been working hard in our garden and loves his chickens. This summer he built a cool chicken coop in the back yard and we're all excited to get lots of eggs in a few weeks.

We've been so blessed. And while change is hard sometimes and scary, it's also good and necessary sometimes. ((So, MeMe and LaLa, when you read this remember we're thinking about you, and missing you, and so excited for you. Change is good. It helps us grow and shapes us into the people that Heavenly Father needs us to be. We love you!))

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