Sunday, August 5, 2012

As The Days Fly By . . .

. . . I'm beginning to wonder what I'll do for entertainment when Jordyn goes to kindergarten. I'm not sad. Far from it actually. I'm so excited for her. She is going to love it. But she cracks me up so much these days. During the Hunter family reunion Nonie took a picture of her and she said, "Put that on my facebook." HA! What a kid.

We started a second round of swimming lessons and this time Heber is coming with us. Jordyn didn't pass Preschool 2 last time so she's taking it again. I decided to put Tessa in Preschool 1 again so she could be with Heber. They are loving it!

My sister, Julie, had her beautiful baby girl on Monday, July 30th. Her name is Harper Kay Harding. She has the cutest dark hair. I think she looks just like Julie and the girls are excited to have their first girl cousin on the Halladay side.

Asher found his tongue.

At the family reunion we had name tags. Tessa wouldn't show anyone her tag, she didn't want them to know her name.

Jordyn loved her clown face paint. Tessa pooped her pants 2 minutes after I took this picture.

On the way home from the reunion we drove the long way from Heber to Pleasant Grove. We went by Cascade Springs, through Little Deer Creek Camp Ground, and then down the Forest Lake road. It was a long drive. LONG. Asher did great. Jordyn and Tessa did pretty good, after the stopped touching each other.

Oh. And then this happened.

And Tessa wondered if we were ever going to make it to Sue Sue's house for dinner.

The girls went on an ABC hunt. That is where Jordyn writes letters in the dirt and Tessa has to guess what letter it is. It was fun for two letters...

I was really there. See. This was when I was happy, then there were too many bees so I started screaming about how I hated the wilderness and that my feet were dirty because I had flip flops on. Jason just laughed at me.

Tessa said, "Look Mom! The letter H."

After we finally made it to Sue Sue's house Asher got to meet sweet Miss Harper. Oh she's adorable!


Jessica Havican said...

Fun fun! sorry we missed you at the reunion. Your kids are a hoot and I love the little stories you tell that occur.

Katy said...

Your hating the wilderness made me laugh too.

I never thought i would dislike hiking, but we had a trip recently where we took all 3 kids, the horseflies were ruthless, and I was wearing white capris and didn't want to get dirty. Yeah, that wasn't very fun for long.

Love your smart girls looking for letters. I'm also excited for school to start!