Sunday, August 19, 2012

Growing Chickens

Did you know that I now have 13 chickens living in my back yard? THIRTEEN! We had 11 but 3 of them are roosters. So, Jason went and bought 2 more hens from a lady who lives near our house.

Here is Blue. She hurt her leg a few weeks ago and we've been nursing her back to health. She's walking again, with a limp, but seems to be on the mend.

Kramer is the one with the crazy, white hair. HE is a rooster. Behind him is Boots.

Here are our two new birds, Silver and Pepper. They are having a hard time adjusting to our bigger chickens. I guess that's where they get the term "pecking order."

This is Owl, or Bear. I can't tell them apart.

These two love their chickens!

Cutie Pie is our biggest bird, and behind her is Sunshine.

Susie is named after my Mom.

Jordyn has taken a real interest in Blue. She protects her from the other chickens and makes sure is right next to the water. It's cute.

The white one is Charlie the Chicken, the brown one is Bear, or Owl. That big, black beauty is Midnight, a rooster. He has started to crow, which is against the chicken rules in Pleasant Grove. We're trying to find a place for him to go. Jason says we're going to eat him. He is wrong. I can not eat my pet, that we've lovingly named.

Jordyn gathers eggs.

Tessa picks up feathers. Her face is filthy.

I didn't get a picture of Dora. We're pretty sure HE is a rooster too. So far I've had a lot of fun with these crazy birds, more so than I thought I would. I'm glad we decided to get them.

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Katy said...

you guys are so cool!