Sunday, August 26, 2012

Our Last Days of Summer

This was our last week of summer. The girls are both excited for school to start. Jordyn starts on Tuesday. She is THRILLED that her teacher is going to be Miss Hunter. Tessa starts next Tuesday, but we're going Thursday this week to an open house.

Jason enjoyed some fun days hunting. He left early Saturday morning last week and came home Wednesday. One of the nights while he was gone the girls and I picked up some Purple Turtle and a DVD from the Redbox. When I was little my mom would always buy dinner when my dad was gone and we would have a "picnic dinner." That meant we got to eat dinner on a blanket in front of the TV. Mostly I remember Mary Poppins or The Sound of Music. This time, with my girls, we watched The Muppet's. Jordyn especially liked it. Tess just liked eating on the floor.

Thursday night I had to traffic school. Jason was later getting home than we had hoped so I had to take the kids with me for a little while. During the class Jordyn leaned over and asked me if I was over 21...they were talking about the point system..."Oh Yeah!" she yelled, clapping her hands. "You get 200 points!" It was really funny, and made all of the people around me laugh.

Jason picked the kids up and took them to watched Jake play football in Provo. They had a great time and when they got home we went on a walk. Here's Asher enjoying the stroller.

We let the girls ride their bikes. Tessa loved it and was really zooming around, but Jordyn just kept saying that she was too nervous.

Friday night we went to the football game at the high school. I love going. The cheering crowd, the night air, and the whining kids. So fun!

Saturday morning we got up early and headed to South Jordan. We found a place to take all of our Roosters. We said goodbye to Midnight, Kramer, and Dora. We also them gave Charlie the Chicken. She isn't growing very fast and she can fly pretty well. We just don't like her as much as our other birds. Is that mean? Are we chicken haters?

And finally, Asher is getting teeth. He has not been a very happy baby. The bottom two have cut through and we're just waiting on the top two. Today was his grumpiest day so far. We put him in the swing and one of the girls gave him Gammie Norah's back massage thing. He LOVED it. He just held it to his chest and let it buzz. It was pretty cute.
Tomorrow we're going to Seven Peaks. Then Tuesday is Jordyn's first day of school. It's so crazy how fast they grow. Then next week Tessa starts Preschool and Gymnastics and Jordyn is staring Broadway Bound. They are going to be two busy little girls!

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