Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Little Yard Work

Fall is finally here and we've had lots of help getting our yard ready for next spring. Jason's parents and younger brothers came over to help us with a few projects. We pulled out all a bunch of weeds, took down a fence, and put in fertilizer to help the ground. It was lots of work, but looks super great now!
Jason taking out the fence.

Norah trimming up the bush.

Terry spreading...well, poo.

Jordyn and her safety goggles. Funny kid!

Jordyn and Sara getting the morning glory off the fence.

Jordyn drinking (spilling) Daddy's Mountain Dew.

Finished project...looking good!

Trimmed bush.

Our cute house!

We really appreciate all the help that Jason's parents gave us with this little project. They even told us which bulbs to buy so that next spring our yard will have lots of pretty flowers. We have such an awesome family. We're pretty spoiled!

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